The Residency applications in New Zealand exceeds the lowered targets

The Residency applications in New Zealand exceeds the lowered targets


In the last couple of years, around 80 to 95 percent of the applications for residency were made by people already living in New Zealand. The rising number of inbound residency applications is surpassing the targets of the government, which were lowered after they revised their policies concerning residencies.

A briefing paper on a high-priority notice was sent to the immigration minister, which reflects that 1000s of people are applying for it. The numbers are more than what the government had agreed to accommodate in their latest targets.

These reassessed targets were an attempt to slow the migration down while refocusing upon the key objectives of the program. New Zealand has faced persistent challenges with the immigration plan’s direction due to the scarcity of skill sets along with an increasingly-high demand within their already established infrastructure.

This constant stream of migrants came knocking the doors of New Zealand regardless of the coalition that the governments’ both parties have campaigned on reducing migration significantly.

It was promising for New Zealand to slash down the net migration to as low as 10,000 annually, which was recently at a high of 64,000 back in the year 2016.

Labor, in the meantime, projected its deliberate changes to settings of immigration by cutting it down to as low as 30 thousand.

After coming to power, Mr. Iain Lees-Galloway, The Immigration minister has turned away from the significant migration cut talks, to the qualitative aspects in terms of skills as well as stamping out the exploitation of the labor.

While some changes have been made to the migration framework, they revolve merely around the theoretical aspects while utterly failing to yield practical results.

The yearly new migration of the country has thus remained consistent at an alarmingly high number since the year 2014. In April 2019, it was discovered that this number was at 55 thousand. The Immigration Minister must look into this matter at an urgent basis.

The revised government objectives reunify the residents’ families and allow meeting the commitments concerning the humanitarian perspectives.

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