Why New Zealand is the most suitable option for students?

Why New Zealand is the most suitable option for students?


New Zealand offers an endless stream of benefits to the students at an affordable expense. In addition to offering world-class education, it is amongst the most beautiful and safest countries in the world. The low cost of living combined with the work opportunities in the country makes it an option worth considering.

The educational institutes in the country are well recognized by employers and accepted all over the world. These highly-acknowledge institutes include the University of Otago, University of Auckland, Victoria University of Wellington, University of Canterbury, University of Waikato, Lincoln University Massey University, as well as Auckland University of Technology.

With a cost of living between NZ $12 to 15 thousand per annum, it is the most affordable option for undergrads as well as postgrads. It is also cheaper than UK, Canada, Australia, and the United States. The quality assurance system in New Zealand ensures that quality education is being provided consistently and the students can learn and benefit the most from these institutes.

The requirements for securing the admission are also minimal, thus anyone with moderate grades and passing marks could secure admission in the educational institutes of the country. There are no age limitations for the programs, which allow everybody to benefit from the high-quality education in the country. What makes it more convenient for students is the fact that the tuition fee has to be paid after the student VISA approval.

There are plenty of work-related opportunities for students in New Zealand. Through the semester, they allow you to work for 20 hours per week while allowing you to work for as much as 40 hours during the vacations. This makes it easier for people to afford their education as well as learning practically. The Special ‘Work Permits’ of up to 12 months are also available at the end of your degree.

According to the 2017 Global Peace Index, it is the 2nd safest place out of 163 countries across the world. This reflects the lowest levels of crime rate and the democratic stability in the country.

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