Overseas Migration

ICL offers Overseas Migration Pathway to clients seeking Work Visas, Permanent Residence Visa and Investor Visa.

Work Visas

If you have an offer letter from an offshore country such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia or the Middle East, ICL can provide you complete visa assistance and document processing services. Our team of experts work on all type of work visas including sponsorship visa. Having a job offer but not a relevant work visa can make you lose a bright opportunity. Contact ICL experts and speak to them today.

Permanent Residence Visa

ICL offers end-to-end services for those intending to migrate abroad.we do documentation processing ,application and filing services.We guide you towards the right path to permanently settle in the country of your choice.

Investor visa

Investor Visas allow you to invest in an overseas country where you can settle permanently. The minimum amount of investment varies from country to country.Visas are issued to businessmen and self-employed people who have sufficient funds.connect with us for more information.