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The challenges of preparing and submitting a perfect visa application are numerous. Of the 150 clients we surveyed in the past 6 months, more than 80% (122) responded that the process would have been too stressful and time-consuming to do on their own.

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Why do you have to be careful choosing your licensed immigration adviser?

Immigrants as a traditionally marginalized group, often lack the knowledge and experience of local customs. Initially, they have limited resources and social support systems as they establish themselves in New Zealand.

This makes immigrants vulnerable to exploitation, and an obvious example is migrant worker exploitation. But they are also susceptible to unethical and predatory behaviour from the people they CHOOSE to represent them to Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

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Who isn’t? The legal profession is rife with overcharging unsuspecting clients for work that you can’t be sure you needed in the first place.

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