About ICL

Nirmala Krishnamurthy started Nikim Consultancy in Bangalore ,India back in 1992 and has dedicated her career since then to help her clients settle overseas. Now recognised as the iconic brand ICL, Nirmala and her team work relentlessly to help clients secure their future overseas. The Head office is present in Auckland, New Zealand with branches across India. We specialize in immigration advice & resolving visa issues, education pathways & permanent residence.

Why ICL?

Join thousands of clients who have upgraded to a higher salary, a bigger home and a better quality of life for themselves and their families. Enjoy world class education, healthcare and infrastructure; funded for residents.

We guide you towards the right path to permanently settle in the country of your choice.

ICL Values and Vision

At the heart of our operations we have always kept our client’s best interest as our top priority. ICL strongly believes in fair practice and is against any malpractice. We envision to become the world’s most prestigious immigration and overseas education company.

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