What is a Dependent Child Resident Visa?

This visa lets New Zealanders bring their kids to live, study, and work in New Zealand indefinitely. Kids under 24 who rely on their parents for money can apply. It’s all about keeping families together and giving kids the chance to be part of Kiwi life, study, and work.

Age Limit

Children aged 24 and under

Visa Charges (NZ Immigration)

Starts from NZD $2750

Processing Time

Around 7 months for 80% applications

Benefits of the Dependent Child Resident Visa

  • Forever Home: Kids who qualify can live in New Zealand forever, giving them a stable place to grow up and make a life.
  • School and Jobs: With this visa, kids can go to school and work in New Zealand, becoming part of the community and earning money.
  • Family Time: This visa makes it easier for families to be together. Parents and kids can live in New Zealand together, helping each other out and enjoying time as a family.

Note: The cost and availability of New Zealand visas can change because of decisions made by the New Zealand Immigration authorities.

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Limitations of the Visa

The Dependent Child Resident Visa has some limitations which you should be aware of.

Eligibility Limits

Kids who were eligible before but weren’t included in the first residence application might have trouble qualifying now.

Citizenship Check

If kids are citizens because they were born in New Zealand or have Kiwi parents, they don’t need this visa.

Application Requirements

If you’re interested in applying for a Dependent Child Resident Visa, learn about the following requirements needed from applicants.

ID proof

Your child’s government-issued identity proof documents that are valid at the time of application.

Character and Health Checks

Prove they’re healthy and good kids through a health checkup and police clearance.

Financial Dependency

Show that they are single and rely on their parents for money.

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Dependent Child Resident Visa Process at ICL

We at ICL Immigration, know it can be hard to navigate the journey for the Dependent Child Resident Visa Process. Which is why we offer a tried and tested step-by-step method to help you get your visa without much hassle and stress.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We talk through your family’s situation and check if you’re eligible for the visa. We go over what’s needed for the visa and make sure you’re all set.

Step 2: Gather Documents

We help you gather important papers like proof of family ties, health records, and good character certificates.

Step 3: Get Ready to Apply

We assist in getting your application ready, making sure it follows all the rules.

Step 4: Application Submission and Follow-Up

We submit your application and handle all the communication with immigration officials.

Step 5: Visa Decision and Next Steps

If your visa gets approved, we help you get ready for your move and understand what you need to do in New Zealand.


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What is the Dependent Child Resident Visa?

This visa allows the children of New Zealand citizens or residents to live indefinitely in New Zealand and offers them rights to education and employment.

Who is eligible for this visa?

Children under 25 who rely financially on their parents are eligible for this visa. The parents must be residents or citizens of New Zealand.

What documents are needed for this visa?

Required documents typically include proof of identity, evidence of the parent's residency status in New Zealand, financial dependency documents, and health and character certifications.

How long does the visa process take?

Processing times can vary, but applications are generally processed within 7 months.

Can this visa lead to citizenship?

While holding this visa, children can live in New Zealand indefinitely. They may be eligible to apply for citizenship if they meet residency and other criteria during their stay.

What if the application is denied?

ICL Immigration can assist in understanding the reasons for denial and exploring options for re-application or appeal based on individual circumstances.

Disclaimer: The information provided is subject to change based on New Zealand government policies. For the most current information, please refer to Immigration New Zealand or contact ICL Immigration for updated guidance.

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