What is a Partner of a New Zealander Resident Visa?

Welcome to your pathway to becoming a permanent resident of New Zealand through partnership! If you have a partner who is a New Zealand citizen or resident, this visa lets you call New Zealand your forever home.

Visa Charges (NZ Immigration)

Starts from NZD $2750

Length of Stay


Processing Time

Around 10 months for 80% of applications

Things to note:

  1. If your partner’s New Zealand residency comes from being an Australian citizen, having Australian permanent residence, or holding a resident return visa, you can apply for this visa only if your partner lives in New Zealand.
  2. If you’re in a relationship with a New Zealand citizen and have been living outside New Zealand for over five years, you might qualify for a permanent resident visa. Your partner must be overseas when you apply or have been back in New Zealand for less than three months.

Benefits of Partner of a New Zealander Resident Visa

  • Settle: Make New Zealand your permanent home.
  • Work: Take up any job in New Zealand.
  • Study: Explore educational opportunities in New Zealand.
  • Travel: Come and go from New Zealand freely while your visa is valid.
  • Family Unity: Bring along dependent children aged 24 or younger in your visa application.

Note: The cost and availability of New Zealand visas can change because of decisions made by the New Zealand Immigration authorities.

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What You Need to Know Before Applying

Carefully go through the rules of this visa to help you make a choice about applying or finding other ways.

Your Partner’s Status

Your partner should be a New Zealand citizen or resident. They’ll need to show documents like a New Zealand passport, birth certificate, certificate of New Zealand citizenship, or a New Zealand residence class visa.

Where Your Partner Lives

If your partner’s New Zealand residency comes from Australian citizenship, permanent residency, or a resident return visa, they need to be living in New Zealand.

Your Partner’s Character

Your partner should be able to prove to have good character.

Your Relationship

You and your partner need to have been living together in a real and steady relationship for at least 12 months.

Eligible Support from Your Partner

Your partner should be able to support your visa application.

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What Is a Partnership Resident Visa?

The Partnership Resident Visa allows the partner of a New Zealand citizen or resident to live permanently in New Zealand. It's based on being in a genuine and stable relationship. Both opposite-sex and same-sex relationships are eligible.

Who Can Apply for This Visa?

Partners of New Zealand citizens or residents, including those in a de facto relationship, civil union, or marriage, can apply. The key requirement is proof of a stable and ongoing relationship.

What Proof Is Required to Demonstrate a Genuine and Stable Relationship?

Evidence includes joint bank account statements, cohabitation proof (like utility bills in both names), photos, correspondence, and testimonials from friends or family. The relationship should typically be at least 12 months in duration.

Can Same-Sex Couples Apply for This Visa?

Yes, same-sex couples can apply for the Partnership Resident Visa. New Zealand recognizes same-sex relationships equally to opposite-sex relationships for immigration purposes.

What Are the Key Requirements for This Visa?

Key requirements include proving the authenticity of the relationship, meeting health and character standards, and ensuring that the New Zealand partner can support the application.

How Long Does the Visa Application Process Take?

Processing times can vary significantly, typically ranging from several months to over a year. Up-to-date processing times are available on Immigration New Zealand's website or connect with ICL Immigration for more information.

Can Children Be Included in the Visa Application?

Dependent children aged 24 and under can be included in the application. They must meet the definition of dependent, which includes being financially reliant on the parents.

Is There a Minimum Income Requirement for the New Zealand Partner?

There may be financial requirements to ensure the New Zealand partner can support the applicant. Specific income thresholds, if applicable, can be checked on Immigration New Zealand's website or connect with ICL Immigration for more information.

What Happens If the Application Is Denied?

Immigration New Zealand will provide reasons for any denial. Applicants can address these issues in a new application or consider alternative visa options.

Are There Language Requirements for the Applicant?

Generally, there are no mandatory English language requirements for the Partnership Resident Visa, but certain conditions might necessitate language proficiency.

Can This Visa Lead to New Zealand Citizenship?

Holding a Partnership Resident Visa can be a pathway to New Zealand citizenship, subject to meeting residency requirements and other criteria for citizenship.

How Does Immigration New Zealand Assess the Authenticity of a Relationship?

Immigration New Zealand assesses the authenticity based on the evidence provided, the length of the relationship, the nature of the household, social recognition, and financial commitment between partners.

How Can ICL Immigration Assist with Partnership Resident Visa Applications?

ICL Immigration offers services like comprehensive eligibility assessment, assistance with documentation and application preparation, and guidance throughout the visa process.

How Does the Department of Home Affairs Define a 'Genuine and Stable Relationship' for a Partnership Visa?

The Department of Home Affairs defines a genuine and stable relationship as one that is long-term, exclusive, and is publicly acknowledged. This includes shared responsibilities, emotional support, and financial interdependence. Evidence of these factors is crucial for the visa application.

What Are the Requirements for Including Dependent Children in a Partnership Visa Application?

Dependent children can be included if they are under 24, unmarried, and financially reliant on their parents. The application must provide evidence of their dependency and relationship to the primary applicant.

How Can Couples Demonstrate They Are Living Together in a Genuine Relationship?

Couples can demonstrate their cohabitation through joint tenancy agreements, shared utility bills, joint bank accounts, or affidavits from friends and family confirming the relationship’s authenticity.

What Are the Steps to Apply for a Partnership Visa in New Zealand?

The application process involves completing the required forms, gathering comprehensive evidence of the relationship, meeting health and character requirements, and submitting the application to Immigration New Zealand.

What Is the Eligibility Criteria for Permanent Residence Through a Partnership Visa?

To be eligible for permanent residence, applicants must have been living with their New Zealand partner for at least two years in a genuine and stable relationship, and their partner must meet certain eligibility criteria.

Can You Apply for a Partnership Visa If Your Relationship Is Less Than 12 Months Old?

While a 12-month relationship duration is typical, exceptions may apply in certain circumstances, such as relationships involving children or joint property ownership. Each case is assessed individually.

What Evidence Is Needed to Prove a Long-Distance Relationship for a Partnership Visa?

For long-distance relationships, evidence may include records of regular communication, travel documents showing visits to each other, and any joint activities or future plans together.

Are There Any Specific Health Checks Required for Partnership Visa Applicants?

Yes, partnership visa applicants may need to undergo health examinations to meet the health requirements set by Immigration New Zealand.

What Support Does ICL Immigration Provide if a Partnership Visa Application Is Initially Denied?

ICL Immigration can assist in reviewing the reasons for denial, advising on strengthening the application, and guiding through the resubmission or appeal process.

Disclaimer: The information provided is subject to change based on New Zealand government policies. For the most current information, please refer to Immigration New Zealand or contact ICL Immigration for updated guidance.

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