ANZSCO Skill Levels & Find Your ANZSCO Code


The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) framework systematically organizes and assigns codes to every occupation within the workforces of Australia and New Zealand. This structure, a collaborative creation by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Statistics New Zealand, and the Australian Department of Education and Training, offers a consistent foundation for the collection, analysis, and distribution of data related to occupations.ANZSCO Skill Levels concept:

In ANZSCO, evaluators determine an occupation’s skill level by assessing the required tasks’ diversity and intricacy. They classify occupations with broader and more complex functions at a higher skill level.

The assessment of skill level takes into account:

  • The extent and type of formal education and training,
  • The level of prior experience in a related field and
  • A degree of on-the-job training is needed to execute the occupation’s specific tasks adeptly.

Occupations that demand a broader and more complex array of tasks require higher levels of formal education, relevant prior experience, and comprehensive on-the-job training for proficient performance.

ANZSCO categorises jobs into five distinct skill levels, drawing on extensive consultations with employers, professional organizations, and industry training entities to ensure the classifications accurately reflect the demands of each occupation. The criteria used to differentiate these skill levels include:

  • Skill Level 1: This category is for jobs that typically require a bachelor’s degree or higher. Alternatively, five years of relevant experience can compensate for the lack of formal education. Specific roles also need relevant experience, on-the-job training, and academic qualifications.
  • Skill Level 2: Jobs in this skill level generally align with qualifications such as an NZ Register Diploma or an AQF Associate Degree, Advanced Diploma, or Diploma. While three years of relevant experience can replace formal qualifications, additional practical experience and training may also be necessary.
  • Skill Level 3: Occupations under this level match with an NZ Register Level 4 qualification, AQF Certificate IV, or AQF Certificate III, which includes at least two years of practical training. Here, three years of experience in the field can serve as an alternative to academic credentials. However, some positions may require both knowledge and formal training.
  • Skill Level 4: These occupations correspond with NZ Register Level 2 or 3 qualifications or an AQF Certificate II or III. Relevant work experience of at least one year can be used instead of educational qualifications, and specific jobs also demand additional practical experience.
  • Skill Level 5: For roles at this level, required qualifications include an NZ Register Level 1 qualification, AQF Certificate I, or compulsory secondary education. Some jobs may also call for a brief period of on-the-job training, either as a complement to or a substitute for formal education.

These delineations structure the classification of occupations by the level of expertise and qualifications required, ensuring a comprehensive and realistic representation of job roles in the labour market.

What are ANZSCO Codes

Each occupation listed in ANZSCO is assigned a unique code called the ANZSCO Code. This code is a hierarchical five-digit system that represents the occupation’s classification:

  • The first digit denotes the primary group (e.g., Managers, Professionals, Technicians and Trades Workers).
  • The second digit indicates the sub-major group.
  • The third digit reflects the minor group.
  • The fourth digit shows the unit group.
  • The fifth digit provides the specific occupation within the unit group.

Purpose and Usage of ANZSCO Codes

The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) skill levels and codes play a crucial role in New Zealand’s visa application process, particularly for those seeking to migrate under skilled visa categories.

Determining Visa Eligibility

  • Skilled Migrant Category: ANZSCO codes are used to ascertain whether an occupation is considered competent and if the applicant’s work experience and qualifications match the requirements for that occupation.
  • Essential Skills Work Visas: According to ANZSCO, the skill level of an occupation determines the duration of the visa and the entitlements regarding family visas.

Matching Job Offers with Skills

To be eligible for residency under the Green List, applicants must work in an occupation listed on the Green List and meet specific qualifications, registration, and experience requirements.

ANZSCO provides a standardized description of the roles, responsibilities, and skills required for various occupations. When an employer offers a job to a potential migrant, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) uses ANZSCO to ensure the job offer matches the applicant’s skills and experience and meets the visa requirements.

Salary Threshold Compliance

The ANZSCO skill level of an occupation can influence the salary threshold required for a visa application. For instance, jobs classified at higher ANZSCO skill levels typically command higher minimum salary thresholds, aligning with the expectation that more skilled or specialized roles should offer higher wages.

Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL)

The LTSSL identifies occupations with a sustained and ongoing shortage of highly skilled workers globally and within New Zealand. ANZSCO codes precisely define these occupations, helping applicants in this category clearly identify and align their skills and experiences with the needs of the New Zealand labour market.

Under the AEWV scheme, employers must demonstrate that the roles they wish to fill with migrant workers align with the ANZSCO definitions for skill levels and codes. This ensures that migrant workers are hired for genuine skill shortages and are paid appropriately for their skill level.

Pathway to Residency

Certain visas that lead to residency require applicants to be employed in occupations classified under ANZSCO. By fulfilling the role and skill level requirements as per ANZSCO, applicants can qualify for residency under various schemes.

Updating ANZSCO

The classification system is periodically reviewed and updated to reflect changes in the labour market, including the emergence of new occupations, changes in job duties, and the phasing out of obsolete roles. These updates ensure that ANZSCO remains a relevant and accurate tool for describing and analyzing the workforce.

ANZSCO’s skill levels and codes are pivotal in various domains, including immigration, employment, education, and labour market analysis. They offer a comprehensive framework for understanding occupation requirements and workforce dynamics in Australia and New Zealand.

List of ANZSCO code

1Managers4Community and Personal Service Workers
11Chief Executives, General Managers and Legislators41Health and Welfare Support Workers
111Chief Executives, General Managers and Legislators411Health and Welfare Support Workers
1111Chief Executives and Managing Directors4111Ambulance Officers and Paramedics
111111Chief Executive or Managing Director411111Ambulance Officer
1112General Managers411112Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedic (Aus) / Ambulance Paramedic (NZ)
111211Corporate General Manager4112Dental Hygienists, Technicians and Therapists
111212Defence Force Senior Officer411211Dental Hygienist
1113Legislators411212Dental Prosthetist
111311Local Government Legislator411213Dental Technician
111312Member of Parliament411214Dental Therapist
111399Legislators nec4113Diversional Therapists
12Farmers and Farm Managers411311Diversional Therapist
121Farmers and Farm Managers4114Enrolled and Mothercraft Nurses
1211Aquaculture Farmers411411Enrolled Nurse
121111Aquaculture Farmer411412Mothercraft Nurse
1212Crop Farmers4115Indigenous Health Workers
121211Cotton Grower411511Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker
121212Flower Grower411512Kaiāwhina (Hauora) (Māori Health Assistant)
121213Fruit or Nut Grower4116Massage Therapists
121214Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Grower / Field Crop Grower411611Massage Therapist
121215Grape Grower4117Welfare Support Workers
121216Mixed Crop Farmer411711Community Worker
121217Sugar Cane Grower411712Disabilities Services Officer
121218Turf Grower411713Family Support Worker
121221Vegetable Grower (Aus) / Market Gardener (NZ)411714Parole or Probation Officer
121299Crop Farmers nec411715Residential Care Officer
1213Livestock Farmers411716Youth Worker
121311Apiarist42Carers and Aides
121312Beef Cattle Farmer421Child Carers
121313Dairy Cattle Farmer4211Child Carers
121314Deer Farmer421111Child Care Worker
121315Goat Farmer421112Family Day Care Worker
121316Horse Breeder421113Nanny
121317Mixed Livestock Farmer421114Out of School Hours Care Worker
121318Pig Farmer422Education Aides
121321Poultry Farmer4221Education Aides
121322Sheep Farmer422111Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Worker
121399Livestock Farmers nec422112Integration Aide
1214Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmers422113Kaiāwhina Kohanga Reo (Māori Language Nest Assistant)
121411Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmer422114Kaiāwhina Kura Kaupapa Māori (Māori-medium School Assistant)
13Specialist Managers422115Preschool Aide
131Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Managers422116Teachers’ Aide
1311Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Managers423Personal Carers and Assistants
131111Code retired4231Aged and Disabled Carers
131112Sales and Marketing Manager423111Aged or Disabled Carer
131113Advertising Manager4232Dental Assistants
131114Public Relations Manager423211Dental Assistant
132Business Administration Managers4233Nursing Support and Personal Care Workers
1321Corporate Services Managers423311Hospital Orderly
132111Corporate Services Manager423312Nursing Support Worker
1322Finance Managers423313Personal Care Assistant
132211Finance Manager423314Therapy Aide
1323Human Resource Managers4234Special Care Workers
132311Human Resource Manager423411Child or Youth Residential Care Assistant
1324Policy and Planning Managers423412Hostel Parent
132411Policy and Planning Manager423413Refuge Worker
1325Research and Development Managers43Hospitality Workers
132511Research and Development Manager431Hospitality Workers
133Construction, Distribution and Production Managers4311Bar Attendants and Baristas
1331Construction Managers431111Bar Attendant
133111Construction Project Manager431112Barista
133112Project Builder4312Cafe Workers
1332Engineering Managers431211Cafe Worker
133211Engineering Manager4313Gaming Workers
1333Importers, Exporters and Wholesalers431311Gaming Worker
133311Importer or Exporter4314Hotel Service Managers
133312Wholesaler431411Hotel Service Manager
1335Production Managers4319Other Hospitality Workers
133511Production Manager (Forestry)431911Bar Useful or Busser
133512Production Manager (Manufacturing)431912Doorperson or Luggage Porter
133513Production Manager (Mining)431999Hospitality Workers nec
1336Supply, Distribution and Procurement Managers44Protective Service Workers
133611Supply and Distribution Manager441Defence Force Members, Fire Fighters and Police
133612Procurement Manager4411Defence Force Members – Other Ranks
134Education, Health and Welfare Services Managers441111Defence Force Member – Other Ranks
1341Child Care Centre Managers4412Fire and Emergency Workers
134111Child Care Centre Manager441211Emergency Service Worker
1342Health and Welfare Services Managers441212Fire Fighter
134211Medical Administrator / Medical Superintendent4413Police
134212Nursing Clinical Director441311Detective
134213Primary Health Organisation Manager441312Police Officer
134214Welfare Centre Manager442Prison and Security Officers
134299Health and Welfare Services Managers nec4421Prison Officers
1343School Principals442111Prison Officer
134311School Principal4422Security Officers and Guards
1344Other Education Managers442211Alarm, Security or Surveillance Monitor
134411Faculty Head442212Armoured Car Escort
134412Regional Education Manager442213Crowd Controller
134499Education Managers nec442214Private Investigator
135ICT Managers442215Retail Loss Prevention Officer
1351ICT Managers442216Security Consultant
135111Chief Information Officer442217Security Officer
135112ICT Project Manager442299Security Officers and Guards nec
135199ICT Managers nec45Sports and Personal Service Workers
139Miscellaneous Specialist Managers451Personal Service and Travel Workers
1391Commissioned Officers (Management)4511Beauty Therapists
139111Commissioned Defence Force Officer451111Beauty Therapist
139112Commissioned Fire Officer4512Driving Instructors
139113Commissioned Police Officer451211Driving Instructor
1392Senior Non-commissioned Defence Force Members4513Funeral Workers
139211Senior Non-commissioned Defence Force Member451311Funeral Director
1399Other Specialist Managers451399Funeral Workers nec
139911Arts Administrator or Manager4514Gallery, Museum and Tour Guides
139912Environmental Manager451411Gallery or Museum Guide
139913Laboratory Manager451412Tour Guide
139914Quality Assurance Manager4515Personal Care Consultants
139915Sports Administrator451511Natural Remedy Consultant
139999Specialist Managers nec451512Weight Loss Consultant
14Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers451513Herbalist (Western)
141Accommodation and Hospitality Managers4516Tourism and Travel Advisers
1411Cafe and Restaurant Managers451611Tourist Information Officer
141111Cafe or Restaurant Manager451612Travel Consultant
1412Caravan Park and Camping Ground Managers4517Travel Attendants
141211Caravan Park and Camping Ground Manager451711Flight Attendant
1413Hotel and Motel Managers451799Travel Attendants nec
141311Hotel or Motel Manager4518Other Personal Service Workers
1414Licensed Club Managers451811Civil Celebrant
141411Licensed Club Manager451812Hair or Beauty Salon Assistant
1419Other Accommodation and Hospitality Managers451813Sex Worker or Escort
141911Bed and Breakfast Operator451814Body Artist
141912Retirement Village Manager451815First Aid Trainer
141999Accommodation and Hospitality Managers nec451816Religious Assistant
142Retail Managers451899Personal Service Workers nec
1421Retail Managers452Sports and Fitness Workers
142111Retail Manager (General)4521Fitness Instructors
142112Antique Dealer452111Fitness Instructor
142113Betting Agency Manager4522Outdoor Adventure Guides
142114Hair or Beauty Salon Manager452211Bungy Jump Master
142115Post Office Manager452212Fishing Guide
142116Travel Agency Manager452213Hunting Guide
149Miscellaneous Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers452214Mountain or Glacier Guide
1491Amusement, Fitness and Sports Centre Managers452215Outdoor Adventure Instructor
149111Amusement Centre Manager452216Trekking Guide
149112Fitness Centre Manager452217Whitewater Rafting Guide
149113Sports Centre Manager452299Outdoor Adventure Guides nec
1492Call or Contact Centre and Customer Service Managers4523Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials
149211Call or Contact Centre Manager452311Diving Instructor (Open Water)
149212Customer Service Manager452312Gymnastics Coach or Instructor
1493Conference and Event Organisers452313Horse Riding Coach or Instructor
149311Conference and Event Organiser452314Snowsport Instructor
1494Transport Services Managers452315Swimming Coach or Instructor
149411Fleet Manager452316Tennis Coach
149412Railway Station Manager452317Other Sports Coach or Instructor
149413Transport Company Manager452318Dog or Horse Racing Official
1499Other Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers452321Sports Development Officer
149911Boarding Kennel or Cattery Operator452322Sports Umpire
149912Cinema or Theatre Manager452323Other Sports Official
149913Facilities Manager4524Sportspersons
149914Financial Institution Branch Manager452411Footballer
149915Equipment Hire Manager452412Golfer
149999Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers nec452413Jockey
21Arts and Media Professionals452499Sportspersons nec
211Arts Professionals5Clerical and Administrative Workers
2111Actors, Dancers and Other Entertainers51Office Managers and Program Administrators
211111Actor511Contract, Program and Project Administrators
211112Dancer or Choreographer5111Contract, Program and Project Administrators
211113Entertainer or Variety Artist511111Contract Administrator
211199Actors, Dancers and Other Entertainers nec511112Program or Project Administrator
2112Music Professionals512Office and Practice Managers
211211Composer5121Office Managers
211212Music Director512111Office Manager
211213Musician (Instrumental)5122Practice Managers
211214Singer512211Health Practice Manager
211299Music Professionals nec512299Practice Managers nec
2113Photographers52Personal Assistants and Secretaries
211311Photographer521Personal Assistants and Secretaries
2114Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals5211Personal Assistants
211411Painter (Visual Arts)521111Personal Assistant
211412Potter or Ceramic Artist5212Secretaries
211413Sculptor521211Secretary (General)
211499Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals nec521212Legal Secretary
212Media Professionals53General Clerical Workers
2121Artistic Directors, and Media Producers and Presenters531General Clerks
212111Artistic Director5311General Clerks
212112Media Producer (excluding Video)531111General Clerk
212113Radio Presenter532Keyboard Operators
212114Television Presenter5321Keyboard Operators
2122Authors, and Book and Script Editors532111Data Entry Operator
212211Author532112Machine Shorthand Reporter
212212Book or Script Editor532113Word Processing Operator
2123Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors54Inquiry Clerks and Receptionists
212311Art Director (Film, Television or Stage)541Call or Contact Centre Information Clerks
212312Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage)5411Call or Contact Centre Workers
212313Director of Photography541111Call or Contact Centre Team Leader
212314Film and Video Editor541112Call or Contact Centre Operator
212315Program Director (Television or Radio)5412Information Officers
212316Stage Manager541211Information Officer
212317Technical Director542Receptionists
212318Video Producer5421Receptionists
212399Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors nec542111Receptionist (General)
2124Journalists and Other Writers542112Admissions Clerk
212411Copywriter542113Hotel or Motel Receptionist
212412Newspaper or Periodical Editor542114Medical Receptionist
212413Print Journalist55Numerical Clerks
212414Radio Journalist551Accounting Clerks and Bookkeepers
212415Technical Writer5511Accounting Clerks
212416Television Journalist551111Accounts Clerk
212499Journalists and Other Writers nec551112Cost Clerk
22Business, Human Resource and Marketing Professionals5512Bookkeepers
221Accountants, Auditors and Company Secretaries551211Bookkeeper
2211Accountants5513Payroll Clerks
221111Accountant (General)551311Payroll Clerk
221112Management Accountant552Financial and Insurance Clerks
221113Taxation Accountant5521Bank Workers
2212Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers552111Bank Worker
221211Company Secretary5522Credit and Loans Officers (Aus) or Finance Clerks (NZ)
221212Corporate Treasurer552211Credit or Loans Officer (Aus) / Finance Clerk (NZ)
221213External Auditor5523Insurance, Money Market and Statistical Clerks
221214Internal Auditor552311Bookmaker
222Financial Brokers and Dealers, and Investment Advisers552312Insurance Consultant
2221Financial Brokers552313Money Market Clerk
222111Commodities Trader552314Statistical Clerk
222112Finance Broker56Clerical and Office Support Workers
222113Insurance Broker561Clerical and Office Support Workers
222199Financial Brokers nec5611Betting Clerks
2222Financial Dealers561111Betting Agency Counter Clerk
222211Financial Market Dealer561112Bookmaker’s Clerk
222212Futures Trader561113Telephone Betting Clerk
222213Stockbroking Dealer561199Betting Clerks nec
222299Financial Dealers nec5612Couriers and Postal Deliverers
2223Financial Investment Advisers and Managers561211Courier
222311Financial Investment Adviser561212Postal Delivery Officer
222312Financial Investment Manager5613Filing and Registry Clerks
223Human Resource and Training Professionals561311Filing or Registry Clerk
2231Human Resource Professionals5614Mail Sorters
223111Human Resource Adviser561411Mail Clerk
223112Recruitment Consultant561412Postal Sorting Officer
223113Workplace Relations Adviser5615Survey Interviewers
2232ICT Trainers561511Survey Interviewer
223211ICT Trainer5616Switchboard Operators
2233Training and Development Professionals561611Switchboard Operator
223311Training and Development Professional5619Other Clerical and Office Support Workers
224Information and Organisation Professionals561911Classified Advertising Clerk
2241Actuaries, Mathematicians and Statisticians561912Meter Reader
224111Actuary561913Parking Inspector
224112Mathematician561999Clerical and Office Support Workers nec
224113Statistician59Other Clerical and Administrative Workers
2242Archivists, Curators and Records Managers591Logistics Clerks
224211Archivist5911Purchasing and Supply Logistics Clerks
224212Gallery or Museum Curator591111Code retired
224213Health Information Manager591112Production Clerk
224214Records Manager591113Purchasing Officer
2243Economists591114Code retired
224311Economist591115Stock Clerk
2244Intelligence and Policy Analysts591116Warehouse Administrator
224411Intelligence Officer591117Order Clerk
224412Policy Analyst5912Transport and Despatch Clerks
2245Land Economists and Valuers591211Despatching and Receiving Clerk
224511Land Economist591212Import-Export Clerk
224512Valuer599Miscellaneous Clerical and Administrative Workers
2246Librarians5991Conveyancers and Legal Executives
2247Management and Organisation Analysts599112Legal Executive
224711Management Consultant5992Court and Legal Clerks
224712Organisation and Methods Analyst599211Clerk of Court
2249Other Information and Organisation Professionals599212Court Bailiff or Sheriff (Aus) / Court Collections Officer (NZ)
224911Electorate Officer599213Court Orderly (Aus) / Court Registry Officer (NZ)
224912Liaison Officer599214Law Clerk
224913Migration Agent / Immigration Consultant599215Trust Officer
224914Patents Examiner5993Debt Collectors
224999Information and Organisation Professionals nec599311Debt Collector
225Sales, Marketing and Public Relations Professionals5994Human Resource Clerks
2251Advertising and Marketing Professionals599411Human Resource Clerk
225111Advertising Specialist5995Inspectors and Regulatory Officers
225112Market Research Analyst599511Customs Officer
225113Marketing Specialist599512Immigration Officer
2252ICT Sales Professionals599513Motor Vehicle Licence Examiner
225211ICT Account Manager599514Noxious Weeds and Pest Inspector
225212ICT Business Development Manager599515Social Security Assessor
225213ICT Sales Representative599516Taxation Inspector
2253Public Relations Professionals599517Train Examiner
225311Public Relations Professional599518Transport Operations Inspector
2254Technical Sales Representatives599521Water Inspector
225411Sales Representative (Industrial Products)599599Inspectors and Regulatory Officers nec
225412Sales Representative (Medical and Pharmaceutical Products)5996Insurance Investigators, Loss Adjusters and Risk Surveyors
225499Technical Sales Representatives nec599611Insurance Investigator
23Design, Engineering, Science and Transport Professionals599612Insurance Loss Adjuster
231Air and Marine Transport Professionals599613Insurance Risk Surveyor
2311Air Transport Professionals5997Library Assistants
231111Aeroplane Pilot599711Library Assistant
231112Air Traffic Controller5999Other Miscellaneous Clerical and Administrative Workers
231113Flying Instructor599911Code retired
231114Helicopter Pilot599912Production Assistant (Film, Television, Radio or Stage)
231199Air Transport Professionals nec599913Proof Reader
2312Marine Transport Professionals599914Radio Despatcher
231211Master Fisher599915Clinical Coder
231212Ship’s Engineer599916Facilities Administrator
231213Ship’s Master599999Clerical and Administrative Workers nec
231214Ship’s Officer6Sales Workers
231215Marine Surveyor61Sales Representatives and Agents
231299Marine Transport Professionals nec611Insurance Agents and Sales Representatives
232Architects, Designers, Planners and Surveyors6111Auctioneers, and Stock and Station Agents
2321Architects and Landscape Architects611111Auctioneer
232111Architect611112Stock and Station Agent
232112Landscape Architect6112Insurance Agents
2322Surveyors and Spatial Scientists611211Insurance Agent
232211Code retired6113Sales Representatives
232212Surveyor611311Sales Representative (Building and Plumbing Supplies)
232213Cartographer611312Sales Representative (Business Services)
232214Other Spatial Scientist611313Sales Representative (Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories)
2323Fashion, Industrial and Jewellery Designers611314Sales Representative (Personal and Household Goods)
232311Fashion Designer611399Sales Representatives nec
232312Industrial Designer612Real Estate Sales Agents
232313Jewellery Designer6121Real Estate Sales Agents
2324Graphic and Web Designers, and Illustrators612111Business Broker
232411Graphic Designer612112Property Manager
232412Illustrator612113Real Estate Agency Principal / Real Estate Agency Licensee
232413Multimedia Designer612114Real Estate Agent
232414Web Designer612115Real Estate Representative
2325Interior Designers62Sales Assistants and Salespersons
232511Interior Designer621Sales Assistants and Salespersons
2326Urban and Regional Planners6211Sales Assistants (General)
232611Urban and Regional Planner621111Sales Assistant (General)
233Engineering Professionals6212ICT Sales Assistants
2331Chemical and Materials Engineers621211ICT Sales Assistant
233111Chemical Engineer6213Motor Vehicle and Vehicle Parts Salespersons
233112Materials Engineer621311Motor Vehicle or Caravan Salesperson
2332Civil Engineering Professionals621312Motor Vehicle Parts Interpreter / Automotive Parts Salesperson
233211Civil Engineer6214Pharmacy Sales Assistants
233212Geotechnical Engineer621411Pharmacy Sales Assistant
233213Quantity Surveyor6215Retail Supervisors
233214Structural Engineer621511Retail Supervisor
233215Transport Engineer6216Service Station Attendants
2333Electrical Engineers621611Service Station Attendant
233311Electrical Engineer6217Street Vendors and Related Salespersons
2334Electronics Engineers621711Cash Van Salesperson
233411Electronics Engineer621712Door-to-door Salesperson
2335Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers621713Street Vendor
233511Industrial Engineer6219Other Sales Assistants and Salespersons
233512Mechanical Engineer621911Materials Recycler
233513Production or Plant Engineer621912Rental Salesperson
2336Mining Engineers621999Sales Assistants and Salespersons nec
233611Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum)63Sales Support Workers
233612Petroleum Engineer631Checkout Operators and Office Cashiers
2339Other Engineering Professionals6311Checkout Operators and Office Cashiers
233911Aeronautical Engineer631111Checkout Operator
233912Agricultural Engineer631112Office Cashier
233913Biomedical Engineer639Miscellaneous Sales Support Workers
233914Engineering Technologist6391Models and Sales Demonstrators
233915Environmental Engineer639111Model
233916Naval Architect / Marine Designer639112Sales Demonstrator
233999Engineering Professionals nec6392Retail and Wool Buyers
234Natural and Physical Science Professionals639211Retail Buyer
2341Agricultural and Forestry Scientists639212Wool Buyer
234111Agricultural Consultant6393Telemarketers
234112Agricultural Scientist639311Telemarketer
234113Forester / Forest Scientist6394Ticket Salespersons
2342Chemists, and Food and Wine Scientists639411Ticket Seller
234211Chemist639412Transport Conductor
234212Food Technologist6395Visual Merchandisers
234213Wine Maker639511Visual Merchandiser
2343Environmental Scientists6399Other Sales Support Workers
234311Conservation Officer639911Other Sales Support Worker
234312Environmental Consultant7Machinery Operators and Drivers
234313Environmental Research Scientist71Machine and Stationary Plant Operators
234314Park Ranger711Machine Operators
234399Environmental Scientists nec7111Clay, Concrete, Glass and Stone Processing Machine Operators
2344Geologists, Geophysicists and Hydrogeologists711111Clay Products Machine Operator
234411Geologist711112Concrete Products Machine Operator
234412Geophysicist711113Glass Production Machine Operator
234413Hydrogeologist711114Stone Processing Machine Operator
2345Life Scientists711199Clay, Concrete, Glass and Stone Processing Machine Operators nec
234511Life Scientist (General)7112Industrial Spraypainters
234512Code retired711211Industrial Spraypainter
234513Biochemist7113Paper and Wood Processing Machine Operators
234514Biotechnologist711311Paper Products Machine Operator
234515Botanist711312Code retired
234516Marine Biologist711313Sawmilling Operator
234517Microbiologist711314Other Wood Processing Machine Operator
234518Zoologist7114Photographic Developers and Printers
234599Life Scientists nec711411Photographic Developer and Printer
2346Medical Laboratory Scientists7115Plastics and Rubber Production Machine Operators
234611Medical Laboratory Scientist711511Plastic Cablemaking Machine Operator
2347Veterinarians711512Plastic Compounding and Reclamation Machine Operator
234711Veterinarian711513Plastics Fabricator or Welder
2349Other Natural and Physical Science Professionals711514Plastics Production Machine Operator (General)
234911Conservator711515Reinforced Plastic and Composite Production Worker
234912Metallurgist711516Rubber Production Machine Operator
234913Meteorologist711599Plastics and Rubber Production Machine Operators nec
234914Physicist7116Sewing Machinists
234915Exercise Physiologist711611Sewing Machinist
234999Natural and Physical Science Professionals nec7117Textile and Footwear Production Machine Operators
24Education Professionals711711Footwear Production Machine Operator
241School Teachers711712Hide and Skin Processing Machine Operator
2411Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teachers711713Knitting Machine Operator
241111Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher711714Textile Dyeing and Finishing Machine Operator
241112Kaiako Kohanga Reo (Māori Language Nest Teacher)711715Weaving Machine Operator
2412Primary School Teachers711716Yarn Carding and Spinning Machine Operator
241211Kaiako Kura Kaupapa Māori (Māori-medium Primary School Teacher)711799Textile and Footwear Production Machine Operators nec
241212Pouako Kura Kaupapa Māori (Māori-medium Primary School Senior Teacher)7119Other Machine Operators
241213Primary School Teacher711911Chemical Production Machine Operator
2413Middle School Teachers or Intermediate School Teachers711912Motion Picture Projectionist
241311Middle School Teacher / Intermediate School Teacher711913Sand Blaster
2414Secondary School Teachers711914Sterilisation Technician
241411Secondary School Teacher711999Machine Operators nec
2415Special Education Teachers712Stationary Plant Operators
241511Special Needs Teacher7121Crane, Hoist and Lift Operators
241512Teacher of the Hearing Impaired712111Crane, Hoist or Lift Operator
241513Teacher of the Sight Impaired7122Drillers, Miners and Shot Firers
241599Special Education Teachers nec712211Driller
242Tertiary Education Teachers712212Miner
2421University Lecturers and Tutors712213Shot Firer
242111University Lecturer7123Engineering Production Workers
242112University Tutor712311Engineering Production Worker
2422Vocational Education Teachers or Polytechnic Teachers7129Other Stationary Plant Operators
242211Vocational Education Teacher / Polytechnic Teacher712911Boiler or Engine Operator
249Miscellaneous Education Professionals712912Bulk Materials Handling Plant Operator
2491Education Advisers and Reviewers712913Cement Production Plant Operator
249111Education Adviser712914Concrete Batching Plant Operator
249112Education Reviewer712915Concrete Pump Operator
2492Private Tutors and Teachers712916Paper and Pulp Mill Operator
249211Art Teacher (Private Tuition)712917Railway Signal Operator
249212Dance Teacher (Private Tuition)712918Train Controller
249213Drama Teacher (Private Tuition)712921Waste Water or Water Plant Operator
249214Music Teacher (Private Tuition)712922Weighbridge Operator
249299Private Tutors and Teachers nec712999Stationary Plant Operators nec
2493Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages72Mobile Plant Operators
249311Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages721Mobile Plant Operators
25Health Professionals7211Agricultural, Forestry and Horticultural Plant Operators
251Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals721111Agricultural and Horticultural Mobile Plant Operator
2511Nutrition Professionals721112Logging Plant Operator
251111Dietitian7212Earthmoving Plant Operators
251112Nutritionist721211Earthmoving Plant Operator (General)
2512Medical Imaging Professionals721212Backhoe Operator
251211Medical Diagnostic Radiographer721213Bulldozer Operator
251212Medical Radiation Therapist721214Excavator Operator
251213Nuclear Medicine Technologist721215Grader Operator
251214Sonographer721216Loader Operator
2513Occupational and Environmental Health Professionals7213Forklift Drivers
251311Environmental Health Officer721311Forklift Driver
251312Occupational Health and Safety Adviser7219Other Mobile Plant Operators
2514Optometrists and Orthoptists721911Aircraft Baggage Handler and Airline Ground Crew
251412Orthoptist721913Paving Plant Operator
2515Pharmacists721914Railway Track Plant Operator
251511Hospital Pharmacist721915Road Roller Operator
251512Industrial Pharmacist721916Streetsweeper Operator
251513Retail Pharmacist721999Mobile Plant Operators nec
2519Other Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals73Road and Rail Drivers
251911Health Promotion Officer731Automobile, Bus and Rail Drivers
251912Orthotist or Prosthetist7311Automobile Drivers
251999Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals nec731111Chauffeur
252Health Therapy Professionals731112Taxi Driver
2521Chiropractors and Osteopaths731199Automobile Drivers nec
252111Chiropractor7312Bus and Coach Drivers
252112Osteopath731211Bus Driver
2522Complementary Health Therapists731212Charter and Tour Bus Driver
252211Acupuncturist731213Passenger Coach Driver
252212Homoeopath7313Train and Tram Drivers
252213Naturopath731311Train Driver
252214Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner731312Tram Driver
252215Traditional Māori Health Practitioner732Delivery Drivers
252299Complementary Health Therapists nec7321Delivery Drivers
2523Dental Practitioners732111Delivery Driver
252311Dental Specialist733Truck Drivers
252312Dentist7331Truck Drivers
2524Occupational Therapists733111Truck Driver (General)
252411Occupational Therapist733112Aircraft Refueller
2525Physiotherapists733113Furniture Removalist
252511Physiotherapist733114Tanker Driver
2526Podiatrists733115Tow Truck Driver
2527Audiologists and Speech Pathologists or Therapists741Storepersons
252712Speech Pathologist / Speech Language Therapist741111Storeperson
253Medical Practitioners8Labourers
2531General Practitioners and Resident Medical Officers81Cleaners and Laundry Workers
253111General Practitioner811Cleaners and Laundry Workers
253112Resident Medical Officer8111Car Detailers
2532Anaesthetists811111Car Detailer
253211Anaesthetist8112Commercial Cleaners
2533Specialist Physicians811211Commercial Cleaner
253311Specialist Physician (General Medicine)8113Domestic Cleaners
253312Cardiologist811311Domestic Cleaner
253313Clinical Haematologist8114Housekeepers
253314Medical Oncologist811411Commercial Housekeeper
253315Endocrinologist811412Domestic Housekeeper
253316Gastroenterologist8115Laundry Workers
253317Intensive Care Specialist811511Laundry Worker (General)
253321Paediatrician811513Ironer or Presser
253322Renal Medicine Specialist8116Other Cleaners
253323Rheumatologist811611Carpet Cleaner
253324Thoracic Medicine Specialist811612Window Cleaner
253399Specialist Physicians nec811699Cleaners nec
2534Psychiatrists82Construction and Mining Labourers
253411Psychiatrist821Construction and Mining Labourers
2535Surgeons8211Building and Plumbing Labourers
253511Surgeon (General)821111Builder’s Labourer
253512Cardiothoracic Surgeon821112Drainage, Sewerage and Stormwater Labourer
253513Neurosurgeon821113Earthmoving Labourer
253514Orthopaedic Surgeon821114Plumber’s Assistant
253516Paediatric Surgeon821211Concreter
253517Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon8213Fencers
253521Vascular Surgeon8214Insulation and Home Improvement Installers
2539Other Medical Practitioners821411Building Insulation Installer
253911Dermatologist821412Home Improvement Installer
253912Emergency Medicine Specialist8215Paving and Surfacing Labourers
253913Obstetrician and Gynaecologist821511Paving and Surfacing Labourer
253914Ophthalmologist8216Railway Track Workers
253915Pathologist821611Railway Track Worker
253916Code retired8217Structural Steel Construction Workers
253917Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist821711Construction Rigger
253918Radiation Oncologist821712Scaffolder
253999Medical Practitioners nec821713Steel Fixer
254Midwifery and Nursing Professionals821714Structural Steel Erector
2541Midwives8219Other Construction and Mining Labourers
254111Midwife821911Crane Chaser
2542Nurse Educators and Researchers821912Driller’s Assistant
254211Nurse Educator821913Lagger
254212Nurse Researcher821914Mining Support Worker
2543Nurse Managers821915Surveyor’s Assistant
254311Nurse Manager83Factory Process Workers
2544Registered Nurses831Food Process Workers
254411Nurse Practitioner8311Food and Drink Factory Workers
254412Registered Nurse (Aged Care)831111Baking Factory Worker
254413Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)831112Brewery Worker
254414Registered Nurse (Community Health)831113Confectionery Maker
254415Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)831114Dairy Products Maker
254416Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability)831115Fruit and Vegetable Factory Worker
254417Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation)831116Grain Mill Worker
254418Registered Nurse (Medical)831117Sugar Mill Worker
254421Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)831118Winery Cellar Hand
254422Registered Nurse (Mental Health)831199Food and Drink Factory Workers nec
254423Registered Nurse (Perioperative)8312Meat Boners and Slicers, and Slaughterers
254424Registered Nurse (Surgical)831211Meat Boner and Slicer
254425Registered Nurse (Paediatrics)831212Slaughterer
254499Registered Nurses nec8313Meat, Poultry and Seafood Process Workers
26ICT Professionals831311Meat Process Worker
261Business and Systems Analysts, and Programmers831312Poultry Process Worker
2611ICT Business and Systems Analysts831313Seafood Process Worker
261111ICT Business Analyst832Packers and Product Assemblers
261112Systems Analyst8321Packers
2612Multimedia Specialists and Web Developers832111Chocolate Packer
261211Multimedia Specialist832112Container Filler
261212Web Developer832113Fruit and Vegetable Packer
2613Software and Applications Programmers832114Meat Packer
261311Analyst Programmer832115Seafood Packer
261312Developer Programmer832199Packers nec
261313Software Engineer8322Product Assemblers
261314Software Tester832211Product Assembler
261399Software and Applications Programmers nec839Miscellaneous Factory Process Workers
262Database and Systems Administrators, and ICT Security Specialists8391Metal Engineering Process Workers
2621Database and Systems Administrators, and ICT Security Specialists839111Metal Engineering Process Worker
262111Database Administrator8392Plastics and Rubber Factory Workers
262112ICT Security Specialist839211Plastics Factory Worker
262113Systems Administrator839212Rubber Factory Worker
263ICT Network and Support Professionals8393Product Quality Controllers
2631Computer Network Professionals839311Product Examiner
263111Computer Network and Systems Engineer839312Product Grader
263112Network Administrator839313Product Tester
263113Network Analyst8394Timber and Wood Process Workers
2632ICT Support and Test Engineers839411Paper and Pulp Mill Worker
263211ICT Quality Assurance Engineer839412Sawmill or Timber Yard Worker
263212ICT Support Engineer839413Wood and Wood Products Factory Worker
263213ICT Systems Test Engineer8399Other Factory Process Workers
263299ICT Support and Test Engineers nec839911Cement and Concrete Plant Worker
2633Telecommunications Engineering Professionals839912Chemical Plant Worker
263311Telecommunications Engineer839913Clay Processing Factory Worker
263312Telecommunications Network Engineer839914Fabric and Textile Factory Worker
27Legal, Social and Welfare Professionals839915Footwear Factory Worker
271Legal Professionals839916Glass Processing Worker
2711Barristers839917Hide and Skin Processing Worker
271111Barrister839918Recycling Worker
2712Judicial and Other Legal Professionals839999Factory Process Workers nec
271211Judge84Farm, Forestry and Garden Workers
271212Magistrate841Farm, Forestry and Garden Workers
271213Tribunal Member8411Aquaculture Workers
271214Intellectual Property Lawyer841111Aquaculture Worker
271299Judicial and Other Legal Professionals nec8412Crop Farm Workers
2713Solicitors841211Fruit or Nut Farm Worker
271311Solicitor841212Fruit or Nut Picker
272Social and Welfare Professionals841213Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Farm Worker (Aus) / Field Crop Farm Worker (NZ)
2721Counsellors841214Vegetable Farm Worker (Aus) / Market Garden Worker (NZ)
272111Careers Counsellor841215Vegetable Picker
272112Drug and Alcohol Counsellor841216Vineyard Worker
272113Family and Marriage Counsellor841217Mushroom Picker
272114Rehabilitation Counsellor841299Crop Farm Workers nec
272115Student Counsellor8413Forestry and Logging Workers
272199Counsellors nec841311Forestry Worker
2722Ministers of Religion841312Logging Assistant
272211Minister of Religion841313Tree Faller
2723Psychologists8414Garden and Nursery Labourers
272311Clinical Psychologist841411Garden Labourer
272312Educational Psychologist841412Horticultural Nursery Assistant
272313Organisational Psychologist8415Livestock Farm Workers
272314Psychotherapist841511Beef Cattle Farm Worker
272399Psychologists nec841512Dairy Cattle Farm Worker
2724Social Professionals841513Mixed Livestock Farm Worker
272411Historian841514Poultry Farm Worker
272412Interpreter841515Sheep Farm Worker
272414Archaeologist841517Wool Handler
272499Social Professionals nec841599Livestock Farm Workers nec
2725Social Workers8416Mixed Crop and Livestock Farm Workers
272511Social Worker841611Mixed Crop and Livestock Farm Worker
2726Welfare, Recreation and Community Arts Workers8419Other Farm, Forestry and Garden Workers
272611Community Arts Worker841911Hunter-Trapper
272612Recreation Officer / Recreation Coordinator841912Code retired
272613Welfare Worker841913Pest Controller
3Technicians and Trades Workers841999Farm, Forestry and Garden Workers nec
31Engineering, ICT and Science Technicians85Food Preparation Assistants
311Agricultural, Medical and Science Technicians851Food Preparation Assistants
3111Agricultural Technicians8511Fast Food Cooks
311111Agricultural Technician851111Fast Food Cook
3112Medical Technicians8512Food Trades Assistants
311211Anaesthetic Technician851211Pastrycook’s Assistant
311212Cardiac Technician851299Food Trades Assistants nec
311213Medical Laboratory Technician8513Kitchenhands
311214Operating Theatre Technician851311Kitchenhand
311215Pharmacy Technician89Other Labourers
311216Pathology Collector / Phlebotomist891Freight Handlers and Shelf Fillers
311299Medical Technicians nec8911Freight and Furniture Handlers
3113Primary Products Inspectors891111Freight Handler (Rail or Road)
311311Fisheries Officer891112Truck Driver’s Offsider
311312Meat Inspector891113Waterside Worker
311313Quarantine Officer8912Shelf Fillers
311399Primary Products Inspectors nec891211Shelf Filler
3114Science Technicians899Miscellaneous Labourers
311411Chemistry Technician8991Caretakers
311412Earth Science Technician899111Caretaker
311413Life Science Technician8992Deck and Fishing Hands
311414School Laboratory Technician899211Deck Hand
311415Hydrographer899212Fishing Hand
311499Science Technicians nec8993Handypersons
312Building and Engineering Technicians899311Handyperson
3121Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians8994Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories Fitters
312111Architectural Draftsperson899411Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories Fitter (General)
312112Building Associate899412Autoglazier
312113Building Inspector899413Exhaust and Muffler Repairer
312114Construction Estimator899414Radiator Repairer
312115Plumbing Inspector899415Tyre Fitter
312116Surveying or Spatial Science Technician8995Printing Assistants and Table Workers
312199Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians nec899511Printer’s Assistant
3122Civil Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians899512Printing Table Worker
312211Civil Engineering Draftsperson8996Recycling and Rubbish Collectors
312212Civil Engineering Technician899611Recycling or Rubbish Collector
3123Electrical Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians8997Vending Machine Attendants
312311Electrical Engineering Draftsperson899711Vending Machine Attendant
312312Electrical Engineering Technician8999Other Miscellaneous Labourers
3124Electronic Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians899911Bicycle Mechanic
312411Electronic Engineering Draftsperson899912Car Park Attendant
312412Electronic Engineering Technician899913Crossing Supervisor
3125Mechanical Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians899914Electrical or Telecommunications Trades Assistant
312511Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson899915Leaflet or Newspaper Deliverer
312512Mechanical Engineering Technician899916Mechanic’s Assistant
3126Safety Inspectors899917Railways Assistant
312611Safety Inspector899918Sign Erector
3129Other Building and Engineering Technicians899921Ticket Collector or Usher
312911Maintenance Planner899922Trolley Collector
312912Metallurgical or Materials Technician899923Road Traffic Controller
312913Mine Deputy899999Labourers nec
312999Building and Engineering Technicians nec9Residual Categories (Operational Codes only)
313ICT and Telecommunications Technicians99Residual Categories (Operational Codes only)
3131ICT Support Technicians997Response Unidentifiable
313111Hardware Technician9970Response Unidentifiable
313112ICT Customer Support Officer997000Response Unidentifiable
313113Web Administrator999Response Outside Scope/Not Stated
313199ICT Support Technicians nec9990Response Outside Scope
3132Telecommunications Technical Specialists999000Response Outside Scope
313211Radiocommunications Technician9999Not Stated
313212Telecommunications Field Engineer999999Not Stated
313213Telecommunications Network Planner
313214Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist
32Automotive and Engineering Trades Workers
321Automotive Electricians and Mechanics
3211Automotive Electricians
321111Automotive Electrician
3212Motor Mechanics
321211Motor Mechanic (General)
321212Diesel Motor Mechanic
321213Motorcycle Mechanic
321214Small Engine Mechanic
322Fabrication Engineering Trades Workers
3221Metal Casting, Forging and Finishing Trades Workers
322114Metal Casting Trades Worker
322115Metal Polisher
3222Sheetmetal Trades Workers
322211Sheetmetal Trades Worker
3223Structural Steel and Welding Trades Workers
322311Metal Fabricator
322312Pressure Welder
322313Welder (First Class) (Aus) / Welder (NZ)
323Mechanical Engineering Trades Workers
3231Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
323111Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics)
323112Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)
323113Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures)
3232Metal Fitters and Machinists
323211Fitter (General)
323212Fitter and Turner
323214Metal Machinist (First Class)
323215Textile, Clothing and Footwear Mechanic
323299Metal Fitters and Machinists nec
3233Precision Metal Trades Workers
323314Precision Instrument Maker and Repairer
323315Saw Doctor
323316Watch and Clock Maker and Repairer
3234Toolmakers and Engineering Patternmakers
323411Engineering Patternmaker
324Panelbeaters, and Vehicle Body Builders, Trimmers and Painters
3242Vehicle Body Builders and Trimmers
324211Vehicle Body Builder
324212Vehicle Trimmer
3243Vehicle Painters
324311Vehicle Painter
33Construction Trades Workers
331Bricklayers, and Carpenters and Joiners
3311Bricklayers and Stonemasons
3312Carpenters and Joiners
331211Carpenter and Joiner
332Floor Finishers and Painting Trades Workers
3321Floor Finishers
332111Floor Finisher
3322Painting Trades Workers
332211Painting Trades Worker
333Glaziers, Plasterers and Tilers
333211Fibrous Plasterer
333212Solid Plasterer
3333Roof Tilers
333311Roof Tiler
3334Wall and Floor Tilers
333411Wall and Floor Tiler
334111Plumber (General)
334112Airconditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber
334113Drainer / Drainlayer
334115Roof Plumber
34Electrotechnology and Telecommunications Trades Workers
341111Electrician (General)
341112Electrician (Special Class)
341113Lift Mechanic
342Electronics and Telecommunications Trades Workers
3421Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics
342111Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic
3422Electrical Distribution Trades Workers
342211Electrical Line Mechanic / Electrical Linesworker
342212Technical Cable Jointer
3423Electronics Trades Workers
342311Business Machine Mechanic
342312Communications Operator
342313Electronic Equipment Trades Worker
342314Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General)
342315Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class)
3424Telecommunications Trades Workers
342411Cabler (Data and Telecommunications)
342412Telecommunications Cable Jointer
342413Telecommunications Linesworker / Telecommunications Line Mechanic
342414Telecommunications Technician
35Food Trades Workers
351Food Trades Workers
3511Bakers and Pastrycooks
3512Butchers and Smallgoods Makers
351211Butcher or Smallgoods Maker
36Skilled Animal and Horticultural Workers
361Animal Attendants and Trainers, and Shearers
3611Animal Attendants and Trainers
361111Dog Handler or Trainer
361112Horse Trainer
361113Pet Groomer
361115Kennel Hand
361199Animal Attendants and Trainers nec
3613Veterinary Nurses
361311Veterinary Nurse
362Horticultural Trades Workers
362211Gardener (General)
362213Landscape Gardener
39Other Technicians and Trades Workers
392Printing Trades Workers
3921Print Finishers and Screen Printers
392111Print Finisher
392112Screen Printer
3922Graphic Pre-press Trades Workers
392211Graphic Pre-press Trades Worker
392311Printing Machinist
392312Small Offset Printer
393Textile, Clothing and Footwear Trades Workers
3931Canvas and Leather Goods Makers
393111Canvas Goods Fabricator
393112Leather Goods Maker
393113Sail Maker
3932Clothing Trades Workers
393211Apparel Cutter
393212Clothing Patternmaker
393213Dressmaker or Tailor
393299Clothing Trades Workers nec
394Wood Trades Workers
3942Wood Machinists and Other Wood Trades Workers
394211Furniture Finisher
394212Picture Framer
394213Wood Machinist
394214Wood Turner
394299Wood Machinists and Other Wood Trades Workers nec
399Miscellaneous Technicians and Trades Workers
3991Boat Builders and Shipwrights
399111Boat Builder and Repairer
3992Chemical, Gas, Petroleum and Power Generation Plant Operators
399211Chemical Plant Operator
399212Gas or Petroleum Operator
399213Power Generation Plant Operator
3993Gallery, Library and Museum Technicians
399311Gallery or Museum Technician
399312Library Technician
3995Performing Arts Technicians
399511Broadcast Transmitter Operator
399512Camera Operator (Film, Television or Video)
399513Light Technician
399514Make Up Artist
399515Musical Instrument Maker or Repairer
399516Sound Technician
399517Television Equipment Operator
399599Performing Arts Technicians nec
3999Other Miscellaneous Technicians and Trades Workers
399912Interior Decorator
399913Optical Dispenser / Dispensing Optician
399914Optical Mechanic
399915Photographer’s Assistant
399916Plastics Technician
399917Wool Classer
399918Fire Protection Equipment Technician
399999Technicians and Trades Workers nec

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