What are Complex Visa Cases?

Complex visa cases in New Zealand involve various challenging immigration scenarios. Each one needs a unique strategy to handle the legal and procedural complexities effectively.

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Types of Complex Cases

Learn about the different complex immigration cases that we handle.

S61 Request (Overstayed Visa Assistance)

  • The S61 request helps those who've stayed in New Zealand longer than allowed on their visas.
  • Even though they've broken the rules, this request gives them a chance to apply for a new visa legally.
  • It's a complex process and needs a solid application because it's the only option after overstaying.
  • To succeed, applicants must show strong reasons for overstaying and how they'll follow immigration rules in the future.

PPI/RFI Response

  • Responding to Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI) or a Request for Information (RFI) from Immigration NZ is a vital step in the visa application process.
  • When Immigration NZ asks for more info or finds something that might not be good for your application, you need to respond. This means giving extra details or explaining things better to clear up any worries they have.
  • Your response needs to be clear, and quick and include proof to back up what you're saying.

Visa Appeal Support

  • Visa Appeal Support includes helping people appeal when their visa application gets rejected.
  • We look closely at the first application to find out what went wrong and gather more proof to support our case.
  • We need to address the reasons why the visa got turned down and make a stronger argument to Immigration New Zealand.

Character Waiver Guidance

  • We offer help to people who have had problems in their past that might affect their visa application.
  • This could be things like having been in trouble with the law or having other character issues that need to be told to Immigration New Zealand.
  • We work on putting together an application to ask for a waiver, showing Immigration New Zealand why they should still give the person a visa despite what happened before.

IPT Appeal

  • An Immigration and Protection Tribunal Appeal (IPT Appeal) is when you disagree with Immigration New Zealand's decisions, like rejecting your visa or telling you to leave the country.
  • To challenge this, you need to carefully check your original application, show new proof, and argue why the decision should change.
  • It is a case where you have to know the immigration rules and convince the Tribunal to agree with you.

Refugee Family Support Resident Visa

  • This visa helps refugees in New Zealand bring their families from other countries to live with them.
  • To apply, you have to prove you're related and that you can take care of your family once they're here.
  • It needs navigating through complex laws and humanitarian considerations and to convince why your family needs to be together again.

Deportation Defence

  • Deportation Defence is where we help people who are being told to leave New Zealand.
  • We provide legal help to fight against being sent away, showing why they should stay based on their connections to New Zealand, what they've done for the community, and any humanitarian reasons that may apply.
  • It's a complicated legal fight where we need to be good at arguing to make sure our client's rights are protected.

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Complex Cases Process at ICL

We have a thorough process to make sure your difficult situation is met with assistance and peace of mind.

Step 1: Figuring Out Your Situation

We talk a lot about what’s going on with you and any tricky parts you might face.

Step 2: Making a Tailored Plan

We create a special plan that fits your case perfectly.

Step 3: Documentation and Representation

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Step 4: Resolution

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What makes a visa case 'complex'?

A case that deviates from standard processes due to unique circumstances.

Can I resolve my overstayed visa status?

Yes, through specific applications like the S61 request.

How does ICL handle deportation cases?

By providing legal representation and preparing a robust defense.

What are the success rates of IPT appeals?

This varies based on individual case merits.

How does one respond to a PPI/RFI?

With detailed information and clarification.

What assistance is available for refugees?

We help with family reunification and residence applications.

Can visa refusals be appealed successfully?

Yes, with the right approach and documentation.

How important is character waiver in visa applications?

It's crucial for cases with character issues.

Are complex cases more time-consuming?

They can be, due to their intricate nature.

Does ICL provide support for all types of complex cases?

We cover a wide range of complex immigration scenarios.

What if I have a new case different from your listed types?

We can assess and advise on various unique immigration challenges.

How crucial is accurate documentation in these cases?

Absolutely essential for a favorable outcome.

Can family members be included in complex case applications?

This depends on the specific case and visa category.

What should I do if I receive a deportation notice?

Contact us immediately for guidance and support.

Are there additional costs for handling complex cases?

Costs can vary based on the complexity and required services.

Can complex cases lead to residency?

Yes, many complex cases can lead to residency with the right approach.

Disclaimer: The information provided is subject to change based on New Zealand government policies. For the most current information, please refer to Immigration New Zealand or contact ICL Immigration for updated guidance.

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