In specific complex immigration scenarios where conventional visa routes do not provide a solution, individuals can turn to the Ministerial Intervention Assessment for recourse. This assessment involves the discretionary authority of the New Zealand Minister of Immigration to evaluate and make decisions on cases not covered by standard immigration rules and guidelines. It serves as a vital avenue for individuals experiencing exceptional circumstances or undue hardship, enabling them to request the Minister’s direct intervention to either grant a visa or address their immigration status.

When is Ministerial Intervention Assessment Warranted?

Ministerial Intervention Assessment is particularly relevant in scenarios involving:

Active Voice: Exceptional Circumstances: When unique or extraordinary situations confront an applicant, meriting special attention beyond the normative visa prerequisites.

  • Undue HardshipHardship occurs when an applicant’s circumstances entail significant adversity or harm in the absence of visa issuance, including, but not limited to, humanitarian concerns, medical urgencies, or family estrangement.
  • Compelling Equities: When compelling justifications exist, such as strong connections to New Zealand or notable contributions to the community, that advocate for visa issuance despite the non-fulfilment of standard immigration criteria.
  • Legal or Policy Considerations: When the case elicits legal or policy dilemmas necessitating the Minister’s direct review and decision-making.

Application Process for Ministerial Intervention Assessment:

  • Seek Professional Guidance: Before submitting your application, consult a seasoned immigration consultant or legal advisor. They can evaluate your case, ascertain eligibility, and assist you in crafting a persuasive application.
  • Compile Supporting Documentation: Gather all pertinent documents and proofs to bolster your case, including, but not limited to, personal narratives, medical evaluations, character endorsements, and any other relevant evidence.
  • Complete the Application Form: Access and fill out the Ministerial Intervention Application Form, available on the Immigration New Zealand website or via your immigration advisor. Ensure accuracy and provide comprehensive reasons for your request for Ministerial Intervention.
  • Submit Your Application: Forward your completed application form and all supporting documents to Immigration New Zealand. It is crucial that your application is thorough and addresses all pertinent factors and considerations.
  • Wait for the Decision: Post-submission, your application will be reviewed and sent to the Minister of Immigration for consideration. The Minister will deliberate on your case’s merits and decide based on the provided information.

Key Considerations:

Discretionary Nature: The Minister of Immigration exercises discretion in the Ministerial Intervention Assessment process, offering no guaranteed success. They evaluate each case based on its unique merits and circumstances.

  • Variable Timelines: Processing times can differ significantly, influenced by the case’s complexity and the Minister’s schedule. Patience and preparation for possible delays are advisable.
  • Legal Representation: You are entitled to seek legal representation or advocacy to proficiently articulate your case, potentially enhancing the likelihood of a positive outcome.
  • Appeal Mechanisms: Should your Ministerial Intervention application be declined, your options for appeal may be limited. Understanding your rights and investigating any possible review or reconsideration channels is imperative.

How ICL Immigration can help you

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