Dili’s Visa Journey

Dili's Visa Journey


Customer Introduction: Duli’s Experience with ICL Immigration

  • Background: Duli, originating from Monos, embarked on a journey to New Zealand, seeking new opportunities and experiences.
  • First Impressions: Upon arrival, Duli was greeted with warmth and hospitality by the staff at ICL Immigration, setting a positive tone for their visa application journey.

Visa Process

  • Personal Interaction: Duli’s initial meeting with Nirmala, the person responsible for handling their visa, was marked by kindness and a welcoming demeanor, which greatly influenced Duli’s experience.
  • Visa Application Journey: From the application stage to the receipt of the visa, Duli was accompanied and assisted at every step by the ICL team.

Support and Assistance

  • Guidance Throughout the Process: The team at ICL Immigration was actively involved in Duli’s visa process, providing continuous support and working diligently on their behalf.
  • Achieving Visa Approval: The dedicated efforts of ICL Immigration resulted in the successful acquisition of Duli’s visa, a pivotal moment in their New Zealand journey.

Customer Testimonial

  • High Recommendation: Duli expresses a strong endorsement of ICL Immigration Services, citing their exceptional support and the positive experience they had from start to finish.
  • Gratitude Expressed: Duli extends heartfelt thanks to ICL Immigration, particularly appreciative of the personal care and professional guidance provided throughout their visa application process.

Duli’s experience with ICL Immigration highlights the importance of a supportive and welcoming approach in the immigration process. The personalized care and professional diligence demonstrated by Nirmala and the ICL team not only ensured the successful completion of the visa process but also left a lasting positive impression on Duli.