Natasha’s Visa Journey

Natasha's Visa Journey - Student visa application & Essential Skills Visa application


Customer Introduction: Natasha’s Visa Journey with ICL Immigration

  • Background: Natasha, an international student in New Zealand, initially applied for a student visa and later sought assistance for her Essential Skills Visa.
  • Engagement with ICL: Choosing ICL Immigration for her visa application process, Natasha embarked on a crucial step in her journey in New Zealand.

Visa Application Process

  • Types of Visas Applied For: Natasha’s journey with ICL Immigration began with her student visa application, followed by the Essential Skills Visa application, each critical for her stay and work in New Zealand.
  • The Role of ICL Immigration: ICL, led by Nirmala and her team, played a pivotal role in guiding Natasha through the complexities of both visa applications.

Support and Professionalism

  • Availability and Assistance: One of the standout aspects of ICL’s service, as highlighted by Natasha, was their constant availability. No matter the time of day, they were ready to assist with any questions or concerns.
  • Exemplary Service: Natasha experienced exceptional service throughout her visa process, marking ICL Immigration as a reliable and professional consultancy.

Customer Testimonial

  • High Recommendation: Natasha strongly recommends ICL Immigration to anyone seeking guidance or assistance with visa applications in New Zealand. Her endorsement stems from her positive and successful experience with their services.
  • Acknowledgment of Excellence: Expressing gratitude, Natasha acknowledges the high level of professionalism and support provided by Nirmala and her team, which were instrumental in navigating the immigration process.

Natasha’s case study underscores the importance of professional guidance and support in immigration matters, especially in complex visa processes like the student and Essential Skills Visas. ICL Immigration, through their exceptional service, availability, and expertise, not only facilitated a smooth visa application process for Natasha but also earned her trust and recommendation.