Shashan’s Journey

Shashan's Journey - SMC Visa


Customer Introduction: Shashan’s Journey in New Zealand

  • Background: Shashan G., a proactive individual seeking better opportunities, landed in New Zealand in 2015 with ambitions and a student visa. His initial endeavor was to gain expertise in the Hospitality sector, a thriving industry in New Zealand.
  • Journey: Life presented Shashan with challenges when he lost his job, but he resiliently pivoted back to academia. He enrolled in a Level 8 course, determined to enhance his qualifications. This step wasn’t just about education; it became a crucial turning point, opening the door for a Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) Visa application in 2022.

Visa Application Process

  • Types of Visas Applied For: In 2022, Shashan embarked on a significant journey by applying for the SMC Visa. This decision was aimed at capitalizing on the skills and real-world experience he had amassed in New Zealand, setting the stage for a more permanent stay in the country.

Challenges Faced

  • Uncertainty: Shashan grappled with doubts regarding his eligibility for the SMC Visa. The process, often complex and nuanced, left him unsure if his profile matched the stringent criteria.
  • Employment Transition: The shift from losing a job to returning as a student was more than an educational decision. It was a period of uncertainty, requiring adaptation to new realities and redefining his career path.

How ICL Immigration Helped

  • Guidance from Nirmala: Nirmala, a seasoned expert from ICL Immigration, stepped in as a beacon of hope and clarity. She meticulously evaluated Shashan’s academic and professional experiences, providing a comprehensive assessment.
  • Building Confidence: ICL deep understanding of immigration processes and personalized approach imbued Shashan with the confidence to pursue the SMC Visa. ICL  guidance ensured that his application was not only complete but also compelling.
  • Responsive Support: The team at ICL Immigration, known for their attentiveness and prompt responses, navigated Shashan through the intricate visa application process, making a potentially overwhelming journey manageable and structured.

Customer Testimonial

  • Approval of SMC Visa: In a remarkable turn of events, Shashan’s application for the SMC Visa was approved in March 2023. This milestone, achieved just a week before his testimonial, marked a new chapter in his life in New Zealand.
  • Praise for Nirmala: Shashan’s gratitude towards Nirmala and her team at ICL Immigration is profound. He applauds their patience, responsiveness, and exceptional knowledge in the field of immigration consultancy.

Shashan’s case is a testament to how skilled individuals, through the guidance of expert immigration consultants, can navigate the complexities of immigration processes and achieve their dream of settling in New Zealand.