Mandatory English Translations for Visitor Visa Applications

27 May 2024 – Starting on 17 June 2024, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will require all supporting documents for visitor visa applications to be submitted in English. This new regulation aims to expedite the processing time by eliminating delays caused by the need to translate documents into foreign languages.

Under the current system, applications containing documents in languages other than English sometimes experience significant processing hold-ups. With the updated policy, every document related to the visitor visa application, including financial evidence, travel itineraries, employment verification, leave approvals, and certain identity documents, must either be in English or include a certified English translation.

Detailed Requirements for Document Translations

The types of supporting documents affected by this new rule include:

  • Proof of Funds: Documents such as bank statements and pay records verify the applicant’s financial capability to support their stay in New Zealand.

  • Travel Plans: Detailed flight itineraries and return tickets.

  • Employment Verification: Proof of current employment in the applicant’s home country.

  • Leave of Absence: Official documentation approving the applicant’s leave from work for their visit to New Zealand.

  • Identity Documents: Specific non-passport identification documents like the Hukou used by Chinese nationals.

Translator Eligibility and Requirements

Translations must be completed by:

  • Reputable Translation Services: Private or official businesses known for their reliable translation services.

  • Community Members: Individuals recognized for their translation accuracy, excluding the visa applicant, their family members, or their immigration adviser.

Additionally, licensed immigration advisers (LIA) who are not involved in the application and are recognized as trustworthy community members may also provide translations. Applicants must understand that any translation provided by an adviser directly involved in their application will not be accepted.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

INZ has clearly stated that any application needing correctly translated documents will likely be accepted. This measure is part of INZ’s effort to ensure a smoother and more efficient application process for those seeking to visit New Zealand.

Visiting New Zealand

New Zealand offers prospective visitors a variety of visa options to cater to different travel needs and purposes. Implementing this new translation requirement underscores New Zealand’s commitment to maintaining an organized and effective immigration system, enhancing the experience for all visitors.


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