What is a New Zealand Partnership Visa?

If you’re the partner of someone with a visa in New Zealand, you might qualify for a Partner visa. The type of visa and how long it lasts depend on your partner’s visa and how long you’ve been together.

With a partner visa, you can stay in New Zealand for as long as you meet the rules. This visa is all about keeping families together and giving partners of New Zealand residents a chance to live here permanently.

Who is Eligible?

This is for couples who have a real and steady relationship with someone who lives in New Zealand.

Eligible relationships include:

  • Married couples
  • Couples in civil unions (whether they’re opposite-sex or same-sex)
  • Couples in de facto relationships (whether they’re opposite-sex or same-sex)
  • Couples who aren’t legally married or in a civil or de facto partnership but can show that they’re in a serious and lasting relationship.

Remember, the relationship has to be real and steady, which means it’s exclusive and likely to endure.

Visa Charges (NZ Immigration)

The price of applying for a Partnership Visa changes depending on various things like where you’re from, where you apply from, and how you apply (online or by mail).
You might also need to pay for medical tests, police checks, and translating documents if needed. Remember, if your application is turned down, you won’t get your money back.
To find out the exact cost for your situation, you can use INZ’s fee finder tool or chat with one of our friendly Partnership Visa experts for free.

What are the Requirements?

To qualify for a Partnership Visa, you and your partner must meet specific rules set by Immigration New Zealand (NZ).

For Applicants:

  • You should be in New Zealand on another visa or planning to come here to be with your partner.
  • You need to show that your relationship is real and steady, and you’ve lived together for at least a year (but shorter times might qualify you for a partnership visitor or work visa).
  • You must meet health and character standards.

For Partners of Applicants:

  • You must prove you’re a New Zealand citizen or resident.
  • You have to show you can financially support your partner.
  • You shouldn’t have any domestic violence or sexual conviction records.
  • You shouldn’t have sponsored more than one partner for residency in the past five years.
  • If you’re an Australian citizen or Resident Visa holder living in New Zealand, you must prove that New Zealand is your main home.

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Types of Partnership Visas in New Zealand

The most common Partnership-Based Visas include:

  • Partner of a Worker Visitor Visa
  • Partner of a Worker Work Visa
  • Partner of a Student Visitor Visa
  • Partner of a Student Work Visa
  • Partner of a New Zealander Visitor Visa
  • Partner of a New Zealander Work Visa
  • Partner of a New Zealander Resident Visa

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What is the Partnership Visa Application process?

Getting a New Zealand Partnership Visa is quite simple, but it’s crucial to do each step right for a smooth process. ICL is here to help you through it all!


1. Gather Your Documents

Start by gathering all the documents needed for your Work Visa. This usually includes qualifications, and any other papers to back up your application. Our expert team will help you gather everything and fill out the forms.


2. Send Your Application

Once you’ve gathered all the needed documents and filled out the forms, it’s time to send your application for review. We’ll assist you in meeting all criteria and submitting it to Immigration New Zealand to boost your chances of success.


3. Wait for Your Response

After sending your application, you’ll have to wait for INZ to make a decision. This process might take a few weeks or even months. Our team will keep you informed and advise you on what to do if more documents are needed.


4. Receive Your Partnership Visa

INZ will either approve your Partnership Visa or deny entry to New Zealand. If it’s approved, we’ll guide you through the next steps and ensure you have all the details to start your new journey in New Zealand.


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What Is a Partnership Residence Visa?

This visa permits partners of New Zealand citizens or residents to live in New Zealand permanently. Applicants must demonstrate a genuine and stable relationship, typically requiring at least 12 months of cohabitation.

Who Can Apply for a Partnership Work Visa?

Designed for partners of New Zealand citizens or residents, or those holding work or student visas in New Zealand. It enables the partner to work in New Zealand and is granted based on the status of their partner’s visa.

What Is a Partnership Visit Visa?

This visa is for individuals intending to visit or accompany their partner who is a New Zealand citizen or resident. It requires proof of a genuine relationship and usually permits a stay of up to 9 months.

Can I Apply for a Culturally Arranged Marriage Visa?

Suitable for individuals planning to marry a New Zealand citizen or resident following a cultural arrangement. The marriage must occur within 3 months of arriving in New Zealand, and the relationship must be genuine.

What Is a Child Student Visa?

This visa is for children of temporary work or student visa holders in New Zealand. It allows dependent children to attend school as domestic students. Eligibility generally requires the child to be aged 19 or under.

Eligibility for Guardian of a Student Visa?

This visa enables a parent or legal guardian to accompany a child who is studying in New Zealand. It’s applicable for children under 13 years or older children under special circumstances.

Details of the Parent and Grandparent Visit Visa?

For parents and grandparents of New Zealand citizens or residents, allowing multiple entries and a total stay of up to 18 months within a 3-year period.

What Is a Dependent Child Visit Visa?

This visa allows dependent children of New Zealand citizens or residents to visit for short-term stays. Eligibility includes being unmarried, financially dependent, and typically under 20 years old.

Processing Times for These Visas?

Processing times vary based on the visa type and the current application volumes. It can range from a few weeks to several months. The latest processing times can be checked on Immigration New Zealand’s website or connect with us for more information.

Required Documents for Partnership Visas?

Commonly required documents include proof of relationship (marriage certificates, joint bank account statements, etc.), identity documents, and, where applicable, the New Zealand partner’s visa or citizenship details.

Are Language Requirements Applicable?

Language proficiency requirements generally do not apply to partnership and family visas. However, specific conditions might apply depending on the visa type.

Can I Include My Family on These Visas?

Most partnership visas allow inclusion of dependent children. Other family members, like parents or siblings, may need to apply for their respective visas.

How Can ICL Immigration Assist with Applications?

ICL Immigration offers services like eligibility assessment, document preparation, and comprehensive guidance throughout the application process.

Can Partners of Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) Holders Apply for a Partnership Visa in New Zealand?

Yes, partners of Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) holders can apply for a partnership visa in New Zealand. This visa allows them to live and work in New Zealand, provided they meet the criteria of being in a genuine and stable relationship with the AEWV holder.

What Are the Specific Requirements for Partners of AEWV Holders to Obtain a Partnership Visa?

Partners of AEWV holders must provide evidence of a genuine and stable relationship, which can include joint bank account statements, cohabitation proof, and other relevant documents. The AEWV holder must also meet certain criteria set by Immigration New Zealand.

How Does the Status of an Employer Work Visa AEWV Affect a Partner Visa Application?

The status of an Employer Work Visa AEWV can significantly impact a partner visa application. The partnership visa’s validity and conditions may depend on the AEWV holder's visa status, including their job stability and visa duration.

Can Partners of Work Visa Holders Study or Work in New Zealand on a Partner Visa?

Yes, partners of work visa holders on a Partner Visa can generally study or work in New Zealand without any additional visa. However, they must adhere to the conditions of their partnership visa.

What Are the Benefits of Consulting with an Immigration Adviser for Partner Visa NZ Applications?

Consulting with an immigration adviser for Partner Visa NZ applications provides expert guidance on meeting immigration criteria, avoiding common pitfalls, ensuring complete and correct documentation, and navigating the complex immigration process effectively.

Disclaimer: The information provided is subject to change based on New Zealand government policies. For the most current information, please refer to Immigration New Zealand or contact ICL Immigration for updated guidance.

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