New Zealand to Eliminate Transit Visa Requirement for Fijian Nationals

Date: June 6, 2024

Auckland, New Zealand—To facilitate smoother travel experiences for Fijian nationals, the New Zealand Government has announced the forthcoming removal of the transit visa requirement for travellers from Fiji passing through New Zealand. This significant policy change, expected to take effect in the coming months, not only aims to streamline travel procedures but also underscores the importance of the bilateral relationship between New Zealand and Fiji, making you, as Fijian nationals, feel valued and important.

Understanding the Transit Visa and NZeTA

A transit visa is required for Fijian nationals who stop in New Zealand en route to another destination. This visa allows them to stay within the airport’s international transit area without entering New Zealand. This visa requirement has been necessary for those travelling through New Zealand. Still, it will soon be replaced by a more streamlined process.

The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) will replace the transit visa and become the new requirement for Fijian nationals transiting through the country. The NZeTA, a convenient and efficient travel authority for visa-waiver countries, allows holders to travel to and enter New Zealand. It’s designed to enhance border security by pre-screening travellers against international watch lists, providing a quicker and simpler entry process at New Zealand borders, thereby relieving you of the previous visa application process.

NZeTA Application Details

The NZeTA can be easily obtained through an online or free mobile app the New Zealand Government provides. The application process is straightforward; the fee is NZD$23 when completed online and NZD$17 if done via the app. The processing time for the NZeTA is typically within 72 hours, and it remains valid for two years, offering multiple entries during this period.

Continued Visa Requirements for Longer Stays

It’s important to note that this new arrangement pertains only to transit through New Zealand. Fijian nationals planning to visit, study, or work in New Zealand for an extended period will still need to apply for the appropriate visas for their intended stay. 

Implementing the Change

The removal of the transit visa requirement is currently in its final planning stages, with implementation expected to be completed within the next few months. In the interim, Fijian nationals must still obtain a transit visa for travel through New Zealand until the new system is officially in place.

This policy update represents New Zealand’s commitment to reducing travel barriers and enhancing the ease of international movement for Pacific neighbours, contributing positively to tourism, business, and cultural exchanges.

For more information about NZeTA, please visit our Guide on NZeTA

This change is anticipated to be warmly welcomed by Fijian travellers. It will offer a simpler and faster transit experience through New Zealand for Fijian nationals.


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