Important Update on Franchisee Accreditation Category for AEWV

As of the May 16th update, Immigration New Zealand has announced that the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) franchisee accreditation category will be removed, effective June 16, 2024. This decision follows an announcement made by the Minister of Immigration in April, reflecting the outcomes of recent Cabinet decisions.

Reason for the Change

The decision to disestablish the franchisee accreditation category comes after findings that no substantial evidence suggests that franchisee employers are more likely to be non-compliant with immigration requirements. Thus, additional accreditation requirements are optional, specifically for franchisees.

Implications for Franchisee Employers

Starting June 16, 2024, franchisee employers will no longer have a separate accreditation category. Instead, they can apply for standard, high-volume, or controlling third-party employment accreditation based on their specific operational needs. This shift aims to streamline processes and reduce costs for franchisee employers, aligning them with other businesses within the same industry.

Action Steps for Employers

Current Franchisee Accredited Employers: Employers holding franchisee accreditation can take action without taking immediate action. They can apply for another type of accreditation after June 16, 2024. Any applications submitted before this date must still meet the existing franchisee accreditation requirements.

Renewal of Current Accreditations: Employers are advised to apply for renewal before their current accreditation expires. In cases where the renewal application is still under review at the time of the current accreditation’s expiry, interim accreditation is typically granted.

Ongoing Applications: Immigration New Zealand will directly contact employers with franchisee applications that are currently in progress to discuss how these changes affect their specific circumstances.

Additional Information and Resources

Our guide, “Renew Your Employer Accreditation,” provides more information for employers seeking to renew their accreditation.

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