What is a Parent Retirement Resident Visa ?

The Parent Retirement Resident Visa is an exclusive opportunity tailored for parents of New Zealand citizens or residents who are looking to retire and reunite with their families in New Zealand. This visa category is specially crafted for those seeking to spend their retirement in the serene landscapes of New Zealand, surrounded by their loved ones.


This visa lets parents spend their retirement in New Zealand. It’s meant to ensure they can enjoy their later years with family in a country known for its great lifestyle and beautiful nature.

Visa Charges (NZ Immigration)

Starts from NZD $5260

Length of Stay


Processing Time

Around 39 months for 80% of applications

Benefits of New Zealand Parent Retirement Resident Visa

  • Family Reunion: Allows parents to live with their children and family in New Zealand.
  • Quality of Life: New Zealand provides a high quality of life, good healthcare, and safety.
  • Access to Healthcare and Services: Parents can use healthcare services and get benefits for seniors.
  • Cultural and Recreational Activities: Lots of chances to enjoy cultural and fun activities perfect for retirees.

Note: The cost and availability of New Zealand visas can change because of decisions made by the New Zealand Immigration authorities.

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Criteria for the Visa

This visa has rules you need to meet, check the following criteria to make sure your application makes a good fit.

Eligibility Requirements

Parent of a New Zealand Citizen or Resident: Must have a child who is a New Zealand citizen or resident.
Investment in New Zealand: A required investment in New Zealand for a specified period.
Income Requirements: A minimum annual income threshold must be met.
Health and Character: Compliance with health and character standards.

Documentation Needed

Proof of Relationship: Documents confirming the relationship with the New Zealand resident child.
Financial Evidence: Proof of the required investment and income sources.
Health Assessments: Comprehensive medical assessments.
Character Verification: Police certificates or other character-verifying documents.

Other Considerations

Living Arrangements: Planning for suitable accommodation in New Zealand.
Financial Planning: Ensuring sustainable financial resources for the duration of the stay.

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Parent Retirement Resident Visa Process at ICL

Read through our careful and thorough process for applying for the Parent Retirement Resident Visa. Our process helps in making sure your visa has the highest chance of success.

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Step 5: Awaiting Decision and Keeping in Touch

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Step 6: Receive Your Visa Decision

Get guidance from ICL after your visa is approved or get advice if it’s not.

Step 7: Settling in

ICL lends a hand in adjusting to life in New Zealand, from finding a home to healthcare tips and joining the community.


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What is the Parent Retirement Resident Visa?

It's a visa allowing parents of New Zealand citizens or residents to retire and live in New Zealand.

What are the financial requirements for this visa?

Applicants must invest a significant amount in New Zealand and prove a stable annual income.

Can I bring my partner under this visa?

Yes, a partner can be included in the application.

What kind of investments are required?

Investments typically include those that contribute to New Zealand’s economy, like government bonds or eligible New Zealand companies.

Is there a minimum income requirement?

Yes, there is a specified minimum income level that applicants must meet to qualify.

What happens to my investment after the specified period?

After the investment period, you may have options to withdraw or continue your investment, depending on the visa conditions and New Zealand’s immigration policies.

Can I apply for permanent residency later?

This visa can be a step towards permanent residency, subject to meeting certain conditions.

What healthcare services will I be eligible for?

You will have access to public healthcare services, though specifics depend on your visa conditions.

Can I purchase property in New Zealand?

Yes, but there are regulations regarding foreign property ownership that must be followed.

Are there any age restrictions for this visa?

There are no specific age restrictions, but applicants must be at retirement age as per their country's standards.

How long does the Parent Retirement Resident Visa allow me to stay in New Zealand?

The Parent Retirement Resident Visa typically allows you to stay in New Zealand indefinitely, subject to meeting ongoing visa conditions and investment requirements.

Can I travel back to my home country and return to New Zealand on this visa?

Yes, you can travel outside New Zealand and return, but you must adhere to the travel conditions specified on your visa.

What happens to my investment after the specified period ends?

After fulfilling the investment period, you may have the option to withdraw or reinvest your funds, depending on your circumstances and New Zealand’s immigration policies at that time.

Are there any specific insurance requirements for applicants?

While New Zealand offers public healthcare, it's advisable for visa holders to have comprehensive health insurance, especially for services not covered by the public system.

Is it possible to expedite the visa application process?

The processing time depends on various factors, including the completeness of your application and Immigration New Zealand’s workload. Expedited processing is not typically available, but ensuring your application is thorough and accurate can prevent delays.

Can I apply for New Zealand citizenship as a holder of this visa?

Holding a Parent Retirement Resident Visa may eventually lead to permanent residency, and subsequently, you may become eligible to apply for New Zealand citizenship, subject to meeting all the necessary criteria.

Disclaimer: The information provided is subject to change based on New Zealand government policies. For the most current information, please refer to Immigration New Zealand or contact ICL Immigration for updated guidance.

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