What is a New Zealand Straight to Residence Visa?

The Straight to Residence Visa in New Zealand is a special way to become a resident. It’s for people with excellent skills or who achieve great things in their field. With this visa, you can get residency as soon as you come to New Zealand.

It’s mostly for smart workers, business leaders, and super-talented folks in arts, sports, or school, who seek to help New Zealand grow in jobs, culture, or learning.

Visa Charges (NZ Immigration)

Starts from NZD $4290

Age range

55 or younger

Benefits of New Zealand Straight to Residence Visa

  • Instant Residency: This visa gives you residency right away, unlike other visas that might need you to wait or get temporary residency first.
  • Big Perks: With this visa, you get the same rights as someone who’s a permanent resident. That means you can work, live, and study in New Zealand.
  • Family Included: You can bring your spouse/partner and kids with you when you apply. It’s a way for the whole family to become residents.

Note: The cost and availability of New Zealand visas can change because of decisions made by the New Zealand Immigration authorities.

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Criteria for the visa

This visa has strict rules you need to meet, looking at how much you can help New Zealand with your skills and talent. Eligibility includes below categories, but is not limited to only these.

Top Professionals

People with great qualifications and experience in areas where New Zealand needs more skilled workers.

Business and Investment

Owners or investors who can help New Zealand grow its economy by investing a lot of money or starting new businesses.

Arts, Culture, and Sports

People who are known worldwide for their achievements or have done a lot in their field, bringing amazing talent to New Zealand.

Process for Straight to Residence Visa

Navigating the process for a New Zealand Straight to Residence Visa can feel overwhelming, but with ICL, we’re here to support you at every step.

Step 1: Check Eligibility

Make sure you meet the criteria for the Straight to Residence Visa, which often means having skills or experience valued in New Zealand.

Step 2: Collect Documents

Get together all the paperwork you need, like qualifications, work history, and ID.

Step 3: Health and Character Checks

Complete health and character checks as required by Immigration New Zealand, which might mean medical exams and background checks.

Step 4: Submit Application

Send in your application and all the necessary documents to Immigration New Zealand, making sure everything is accurate.

Step 5: Processing

Your application will be reviewed, and you might need to give more info or have an interview.

Step 6: Decision Time

Wait to hear back from Immigration New Zealand. If you’re approved, you’ll get a visa letting you live in New Zealand.

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Straight to Residence Visa Process at ICL

At ICL Immigration, we know that applying for a Straight to Residence Visa can seem tricky. But don’t worry! Our team of skilled consultants is here to help you every step of the way. Here’s how we can assist you:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Have a detailed chat to see if you qualify for the Straight to Residence Visa and understand how the application works.

Step 2: Service Agreement

Sign a clear agreement with ICL laying out what they’ll do and what you need to do during the application process.

Step 3: Preparing and Reviewing Your Documents

Work with ICL to gather and check all the papers you need to meet New Zealand’s immigration rules.

Step 4: Sending Your Application

ICL sends off your application to Immigration New Zealand, making sure everything’s right.

Step 5: Keeping in touch

ICL stays in contact throughout the process, talking to Immigration New Zealand and handling any extra info they need.

Step 6: Visa Decision and Next Steps

Once there’s a decision, ICL tells you what’s what and helps with anything else you need to do to move to New Zealand.


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What is the Straight to Residence Visa?

This visa is designed for individuals with exceptional skills or experience, offering them a direct path to New Zealand residency.

Who is eligible for this visa?

Eligibility is typically for highly skilled professionals or individuals with extraordinary talents in areas like business, arts, sports, or IT.

What documents are required?

Necessary documents include proof of qualifications, professional experience, job offers, health and character certificates, and personal identification.

How long does the visa process take?

Processing times vary based on individual applications and Immigration New Zealand's current workload. It's advisable to consult the latest information from Immigration New Zealand or ICL.

Can I include my family in my application?

Yes, you can usually include your spouse/partner and dependent children in your application.

What are the health and character requirements?

Applicants must undergo health examinations and provide police clearance certificates to meet New Zealand's health and character standards.

Is there an interview process?

In some cases, an interview may be required as part of the application process.

Can I work in New Zealand once I receive this visa?

Yes, this visa allows you to live and work in New Zealand as a resident.

What happens if my application is declined?

If declined, you will receive a detailed explanation. ICL can assist in understanding the reasons and exploring alternative options.

How can ICL Immigration help in this process?

ICL can guide you through the entire process, from initial consultation and document preparation to application submission and follow-up with Immigration New Zealand.

Disclaimer: The information provided is subject to change based on New Zealand government policies. For the most current information, please refer to Immigration New Zealand or contact ICL Immigration for updated guidance.

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