The recent news that about 20 nurses with accredited employer work visas were left jobless in New Zealand amidst a healthcare worker shortage has raised alarms. Particularly for those from India, it underscores the critical need to verify job authenticity before relocating. Ending up in a new country without a job can lead to significant mental and legal stress.

Steps to Ensure Your Professional Future in New Zealand

1. Verify Employer Accreditation

Firstly, check if New Zealand Immigration accredited your potential employer. This is crucial for ensuring they adhere to fair employment practices. You’ll need the employer’s name or New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) to verify the accreditation of your potential employer, as New Zealand Immigration updates the accredited employer list weekly.

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2. Directly Connect with the Employer

Some employers opt out of New Zealand Immigration  Employer Accreditation updates. In such cases, contacting the employer directly for accreditation confirmation is advisable.

3. Verify Occupation Registration

For most skilled jobs, having an occupational registration is mandatory. Verify the authenticity of your occupation registration to ensure compliance with New Zealand’s professional standards.

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4. Research the Recruitment Agency

Investigate the background of any recruitment or labour-hire company involved in your employment process. A transparent process and a history of successful placements are indicators of a reliable agency.

5.Consult with Experts

The intricacies of work visas and contracts can be daunting. Seeking advice from legal or licensed immigration advisors can help clarify your rights and the validity of your job offer.

6. Connect with Peers

Connecting with current or former employees can provide fundamental insights into working for your prospective employer. Their experiences can help set realistic expectations.

7. Have a Plan B

Despite all precautions, unexpected situations can arise. A contingency plan, including financial reserves and understanding your legal rights in New Zealand, is essential.


The unfortunate situation faced by the nurses is a stark reminder for all professionals seeking opportunities in New Zealand. Verifying your job’s authenticity, conducting thorough research, and having a well-thought-out plan is critical to turning your aspirations into a successful and rewarding experience. By embracing these practices, you can step confidently into a future where your skills and dedication are genuinely valued.


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