In the global marketplace, New Zealand’s Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) program has emerged as a critical framework for businesses keen on leveraging international talent. 

The employer accreditation was rolled out on 23 May 2022. As of 16 February 2024, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has successfully approved 108,938 AEWV applications, with 32,797 employers achieving accredited status.

Why Opt for Employer Accreditation?

The essence of the AEWV scheme extends beyond mere procedural adherence. It signifies a pledge towards maintaining high standards of practice, ensuring the well-being of international employees, and upholding compliance.

 Engaging with this system demonstrates your business’s commitment to quality and integrity, offering a robust framework to seamlessly access and integrate global talent.

.Adopting the AEWV system positions your business as a responsible employer in the global arena, committed to providing equitable and supportive conditions for overseas hires.

Selecting the Appropriate Accreditation Level

The journey starts with selecting the right level of accreditation, each designed to cater to different business needs:

  • Standard Accreditation: Suitable for small enterprises, allowing up to 5 migrants with a fee of NZD 740. Businesses aiming to expand their hiring can upgrade to high-volume accreditation for an additional NZD 480.
  • High-Volume Accreditation: For businesses with more extensive hiring needs, accommodating 6 or more migrants at NZD 1220.
  • Franchisee Accreditation: Tailored for franchise operations at a fee of NZD 1980.
  • Controlling Third-Party Accreditation: At NZD 3870, this option is for businesses that engage migrants in roles with third-party entities.

In application challenges, a reconsideration can be requested for NZD 240.


  • An NZBN (New Zealand Business Number), unless operating as a foreign diplomatic mission.
  • A business IRD (Inland Revenue Department) number.

Navigating the Accreditation Process

Step 1: Application for Accreditation

Initiate by selecting your accreditation level and submitting the required application with your NZBN and business IRD number.

Step 2: Advertise the role

  • Local Market First: Promote the position to guarantee that all qualified individuals from New Zealand, whether citizens or residents, receive consideration. This approach emphasizes the importance of local expertise and encourages employers to provide fair compensation to New Zealand-based candidates..
  • Duration and Visibility: The job must be listed for at least two weeks on a national listing website or another channel where suitable New Zealand candidates are likely to see it. This advertisement should occur within 90 days of your Job Check application.
  • Exceptions to the Rule: There are circumstances where evidence of advertising is not required:
    • If the job pays at least twice the median wage of February 2023.
    • If the position is listed on the Green List, indicating high demand or critical skill areas.

Step 3: Conducting a Job Check

After achieving accreditation, the next critical step is to conduct a Job Check. This process is essential for validating the authenticity of the role and paves the way for inviting your international candidate.

What You Need to Do:

  • Apply for a Job Check: Once you’ve secured accreditation, this step is mandatory. The application must encapsulate:
    • Job Description: Outline the responsibilities and expectations of the role.
    • Employment Agreement: Provide a draft agreement detailing the terms of employment.
    • Advertising Results: Include the outcomes of any job advertising efforts, as required.

Validity and Processing Time:

  • Validity: Job Checks remain valid for six months, or until your accreditation expires, whichever comes first.
  • Processing Timeline: The aim is to process straightforward Job Check applications within two weeks. A straightforward application is one that:
    • Contains all the required information.
    • Refrain from necessitating additional follow-up from us.

Potential Delays:

Be mindful that your Job Check application processing time may exceed 2 weeks under certain circumstances, such as:

  • Incomplete Information: Applications need more essential details.
  • Need for Follow-Up: Situations requiring additional communication from us.
  • Non-Current Vacancies: Applications submitted for roles not actively available.

Adhering to these guidelines ensures a smooth Job Check process, bringing you one step closer to welcoming international talent into your organization.

Step 4: Extending an Invitation

After a successful Job Check, you can formally invite your candidate to apply for their visa, marking a significant step towards enhancing your team with global talent

.Renew employer accreditation

Your initial accreditation remains valid for 12 months before requiring renewal. Upon renewal, the duration will be as follows:

  • Standard businesses: 24 months, provided it has stayed the same for 12 or more months.
  • Franchisees and employers who engage in placing migrants with overseeing third parties: 12 months duration, during the renewal process with NZ immigration, you may be requested to provide evidence of completing activities committed to during the prior accreditation period.

Maintaining Accreditation Post-Hiring

The process continues after a hire. Upholding New Zealand’s employment standards and supporting your new employees’ transition into their Kiwi lifestyle is crucial for maintaining accreditation.

Notify NZ Immigration within 10 working days in case of any changes among the key personnel within your organisation. Inform NZ Immigration promptly should your AEWV holder depart from your employment.


With this guide, your business is well-prepared to navigate New Zealand’s AEWV system, enabling the smooth integration of international talent. This structured approach aligns your business with New Zealand’s employment standards. It showcases your commitment as a global employer of choice. Begin your journey towards global talent acquisition with confidence.


Note – Cost and process depend entirely on NZ Immigration and can change based on government decisions.

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