How to Meet People as an Immigrant in NZ

How to Meet People as an Immigrant in NZ


Moving to a new country where you don’t know anyone can be daunting, as much as it is exciting.

You don’t have any friends or a support system in this wonderful new place you are moving to. That can be a bit worrisome.

You don’t want to feel isolated and that is understandable.

However, despite the rigorous acceptance process that New Zealand has for their visas, they are highly tolerant of immigrants. New Zealand is the 2nd non-European country in terms of tolerance for immigrants.

That means, that not only is New Zealand tolerant to immigrants but its people are too. On top of this, there are numerous opportunities for you to meet people in New Zealand, as an immigrant/

Newcomers Network

The Newcomers Network is a big network of groups found in almost every location in New Zealand. The network helps newcomers integrate and build social relationships. It can be a very helpful group when you first arrive in New Zealand as you will meet newcomers who, just like you, are trying to make sense of a new environment.

The Newcomers Network offers daily, weekly and monthly events of all sorts. The events are a great fit for people of all ages, interests, cultures, backgrounds and religions. An inclusive network and inclusive groups organized by native New Zealanders, who can also offer helpful advice and insights.

Find the group in your location on the Newcomers Network’s website.


Volunteering is seen as a highly appreciable activity in New Zealand. Kiwis, how the local New Zealand people are called, value people who get involved in helping out the community.

Volunteering isn’t only a way to help out the community and gain the respect of your New Zealand peers, but also to meet people in New Zealand.

Finding volunteer work that fits your interests will help you get together with people that share similar interests. Common interests and a desire to help out can be strong foundations for strong relationships.

You can find various volunteer groups in New Zealand. You can find your volunteer role here.

Other ways to meet people in NZ

The Newcomers Network and volunteering programs aren’t the only methods to meet new people. You can find religious communities, art communities and different hobby communities and groups. You will also meet co-workers, neighbours, and other children’s parents – in case you have young children.

As a single person, there are also plenty of cafes, bars, and nightlife clubs in New Zealand where you can stumble upon many opportunities to meet new people.

Since there is no reason to worry about meeting new people as an immigrant in New Zealand, let us help you with your visa application process.

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