Specialists in NZ, Australia and Canada with an office in the Auckland CBD.

Whatever the visa, we’ve got you covered. Our senior adviser has over 20 years experience in the industry and we have the most competitive prices in town.

Our pricing is transparent, so there’s no surprises. We have a flat-fee system with no hidden fees. We won’t bill you separately for replying to concerns raised by your case officer or for meeting with your employer to clarify your employment offer.

There’s a single service fee which covers all the work up to your visa application submission and until you receive your decision. We also understand that before you’re settled in to your new home, managing your finances can be tough. You can choose a payment plan that’s right for you – we’re flexible because we really don’t want you to compromise your chances for a successful visa application for financial reasons.

You can come in and see us for a consultation and assessment at ICL. Find out what you need to do and your eligibility for either NZ, Australia or Canada. Call us now on 021 039 1964 or send us an inquiry online.

Education Consultants

Studying the right subject can be a deciding factor in the pathway to permanent residency.

If you’d like to study as an international student, then you’ll need a student visa and you’ll need an offer letter for a qualification from a reputable university or college.

We’ll guide you based on your interests, budget and skills and we’ll help you with arranging accommodation and even sort out your pick up from the airport.

Once you’ve started your course, you’ll be able to check in with us to make sure your internships and job will support your work visa. We’ll assist you with processing each visa application on your way to residency.

Corporate Partnerships

Save time and money by getting it right the first time. Send people overseas or bring them here. Whether it’s for work and training or a corporate retreat – we’ll handle visas, travel, accommodation and anything else you can think of. Competitive pricing, secure data and matchless service. Call us about opening a corporate account today!

Free Visa Consultation

We are available, call us +64 21 039 1964 during regular business hours